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  there are about 6 years
Hello, My name is Guillaume JOUBERT, I am a Building Engineer. I started my journey with different projects on Nemetschek tools for 13 years. Workflow Visualization with Allplan tools <> Cinéma4D, Implementation of DQE solution connected to BIM based on Allplan + Allplan BCM, OpenBIM workflow for BIM use SCIA + Allplan structure analysis and 3D coordination in OpenBIM with Allplan and Solibri for Building and GC. Today I joined Autodesk for the same reasons that led me to come to Nemetschek at the time. Autodesk is turning into a true solution provider. We have a Consulting department which participates in the writing of BIM processes, in the configuration of templates and collaboration tools, in the organization of the data of the "Best practices" of implementation throughout the world and that is very rich. Today we have the advantage of benefiting from a very broad culture linked to all Autodesk Consulting WW consultants and our organization allows us to have the information extremely fast. I love customer satisfaction. BIM is a passion and one that does not date from yesterday ... Looking forward to being able to converse. Some Customer feedback:
  there are about 6 years
Indeed, there are plenty of very interesting subjects that it would be good to review ...
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