BIM Manager Guide (BIM Managers)

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Book published 05 April 2018, he does 124 pages and costs 19.50 €.

Author (s): Serge K. Levan

Editor (s): Eyrolles
Subjects discussed : BIM manager


As it appears today in the various media of professional information of the BTP (printed and digital press, shows, training programs, MOOC and social networks), the profile of the BIM Manager (role and mission) is one of the subjects the most sensitive and the most discussed. Is this a new job, a new job, a new job? What will he be responsible for which we are not already responsible today on a construction site? How to train or recruit these new managers on skills that do not exist yet? The analysis of the BIM device used by the authors shows that it is imperative to speak of BIM managers in the plural and that we must even come to distinguish the concepts of BIM Manager and Manager BIM. The effectiveness of the new BIM project mode depends on it. They propose to think of BIM-PLM (Product Lifestyle Management) as a socio-technical information and communication device (DISTIC) and define the position of BIM Manager (project) through the variety of profiles and practices of different managers tasks converge to BIM. We discover then that the innovations concern the organization and the management much more than the technologies already at work.


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