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At the forefront of BIM: Engineering and Architecture, Teaching and Research

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Book published July 05 2018, he does 137 pages and costs 39.00 €.

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The adoption of BIM by the various professionals with whom the vast field of architecture and construction is populated is only just beginning. BIM is very diverse in terms of architects, engineers, contractors and construction companies, as well as other construction trades, but it is already a research area and an object of research. 'education. In this regard we will discover what are the latest advances in BIM in engineering schools, universities and companies concerned about the results of research. We will meet in particular the architect who confronts his sketch at the BIM, the engineer who seeks what modeling methodology to adopt in system engineering, heritage managers anxious to apply the BIM to the maintenance of buildings, the urban planner who, in a BIM approach, wants to extend the modeling of specific professions such as thermal current urban modeling, or computer scientists who propose algorithms to model urban extensions and, of course, all users of BIM who want to combine interoperability and responsiveness.

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On the occasion of the fourth edition of the Digital Modeling and BIM Education Days (EDUBIM), a program committee representative of academic and professional research in France on BIM made a choice in the contributions of researchers to compose the present work, coordinated by Nader Boutros and Régine Teulier. Architect, engineer, teacher-researcher at the EVCAU laboratory of ENSA Paris / Val de Seine, Nader Boutros is also director of the research and development activities of PASS Technologie. Engineer and doctor of economics, associate researcher at CRG-l3, Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (UMR 9217, CNRS / Ecole Polytechnique / Paris-Saclay University), Régine Teulier worked on the conditions and processes of cooperation in groups - between men and machines, and between companies - by focusing on the study of practices. His work focuses on know-how, learning, knowledge modeling, cooperation through the concepts and methods of artificial intelligence, then those of knowledge engineering and management sciences. She has been working on BIM since 2007 through the Communic project and then the MINND project in which she participates on the steering committee.


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