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  Wednesday April 7 2021
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Hello everybody

When modeling a cladding facade in Revit, I created a wall that I divided into elements to match the sizes of the cladding panels.

I now have the possibility to choose the visibility of the elements, I chose "Display the elements" and I get the expected result (Image 1 in PJ),

I would like to get the same result when rendering, but when I export my model to rendering software or try to render in Revit I no longer have my separate elements and I only see my wall " original".

Thanks for your help and answers.
Good evening Romain,

What is the export format?
Are the cladding pieces perfectly coplanar? Joined?

Christophe Fortineau
Consultant, trainer and AMO BIM
As the "elements" are specific to Révit,
I doubt whether it is possible to retrieve them in rendering software ...
Personally I have the same problem when creating IFC with Revit "elements"!
Next move, maybe use the function:

Everything is possible. If these are separate occurrences, it is a matter of knowing the format and therefore its export parameters to ensure the correct conversion of the geometries and even with the IFC format via the decomposition of the elements, only via IFC 2X3 I believe , and in particular via IFCGEOMETRICREPRESENTATIONSUBCONTEXT which defines under an IFC product as "sub-products" which nevertheless shares the same attributes:
- WorldCoordinateSystem
- CoordinateSpaceDimension
- Precision
- TrueNorth

Thus a "cladding / concrete / insulating / BA13" wall can be defined via IFC as a set of 4 walls that can be selected independently for analysis or for infographic rendering.

Christophe Fortineau
Consultant, trainer and AMO BIM
Hi, the easiest way is not to use the elements for what you are doing but rather the materials and it will be very easy to manage the layout in the textures no matter which renderer you use. No interest if made from the outside to have all these elements in geometry which unnecessarily weigh down your exports

While BIM modelers are generally less supportive of highly polygon models, highly polygon 3ds c4d ifc etc fbx exports are on the other hand much more responsive on 3dsmax c4d and other openBIM viewers. The cladding already modeled is therefore very welcome for an infographic export.

If it is true that a texture with the parameters "Displacement" and / or "Normal" may be sufficient to provide relief to the cladding, the associated texture work can be greatly simplified if this cladding is already modeled: and this is the case.

Christophe Fortineau
Consultant, trainer and AMO BIM

In the model here (in the example shown) it is a waste of time and not useful in the design phase (if it is the case here?).
You lose flexibility. (that is my opinion).
It's like you're modeling bricks ... or placing tiles .... in design.

In addition, there are problems related to the real size of the joints and the output image size "pixel" (Moiré effect) and therefore keeping the possibility of playing with a texture (Normal map or displace) is more efficient.
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Need technical support, advice or advice?


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