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  3. Tuesday, February 12 2019
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I am faced with a rather annoying problem.
Indeed, I model the plaster batch in synthesis, and therefore draw all my FP so that the electrician positions his fixtures.
Now the synthesis is done on NAVISWORKS, the layout is not seen in my model NWC.
Someone would have a solution?

thank you,
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There are several possible solutions and the choice of the solution will depend on the size of your project:

1here solution: Uses the "Roof" function - "Sloped windows".

Then you set your curtain wall version "roof" to make a calepinage with mullions and slabs ;)

If your project is important, the Revit / IFC model will be very heavy ...

2 solution: Use the function "ceiling" to have the 2D notebook of your FP, then you model skeleton that you padlock on your lines of grids. This will allow you to see your false ceilings in Navis.

Here is ;)
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Hello Remy, thank you for your answer.
Regarding the first solution, no way lol.
For the second, it's digging, see if I can model fine frames with the function "Choose the lines" directly on the lines of FPs.
In any case, I must necessarily look into a DIY solution, there is no particular setting to adjust.

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