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New Onfly logo: Modernity, adaptability & universality

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New Onfly logo: Modernity, adaptability & universality
Communication ofOnfly got a new look! The team BIM & CO is proud to unveil the new logo of its flagship tool, reflecting the values ​​it shares with its customers and partners. Every day, it is with all of its 200 active clients on Onfly that the company responds to the challenges of digital transformation through its tools. Entirely designed around its brand, BIM & CO reveals here the underside of this novelty.

Paris, France - March 4, 2021

Deployed for over a year and a half, the innovative shared library management solution " Onfly »Affirms its visual identity. The fruit of a process of reflection spanning several months, Camille, UX / UI Designer at BIM & CO testifies: " We had to tell the story of our product, around which we will build the rest, from the needs of our users to the culture of our company. ».
New 2021 logo

A desire to transmit the values ​​of the company
The component of light blue circle on this new logo was chosen for its virtuous and universal symbolism : that of an architectural project, that of a BIM project, and that of the creation of a digital product. It was about creating a simple, common form that spoke to the whole world, illustrating the ease of use of the tool. Onfly. When it comes to its round and universal shape, it invites several trades to use the tool, such as manufacturers and design offices. In addition, this virtuous cycle illustrates the fact thatOnfly allows you to capitalize on past projects to build the future.

Onfly's values ​​reflect the vision of Baptiste Mullie, CEO of BIM & CO :

"We are convinced that it is the reusability of data and materials that will allow us to respond to the major environmental and economic challenges facing construction."

The element of the navy comma is for its part the extension of the " drop »Dark green of the BIM & CO logo, making this component the first brick in the construction of this new visual identity. This reference to the logo of the company, creator of the tool, shows the pride of its employees in their heritage: " To know where you are going, look where you come from ».
This drop, expanding, symbolizes the team and users ofOnfly who continue to write the history of the tool together. The element thus represents a real connector between several universes, where skills meet and where value is created. It is a space of exchange where everyone speaks a common and universal language, also reflecting the international dimension by BIM & CO. According to Camille, this drop symbolizes “ the crossroads, a common space of two worlds that meet: manufacturers and design offices ».

A simplified logo for customers and partners

This logo, which facilitates the transmission of the moral and societal principles on which the company is based, has been simplified. Indeed, BIM & CO, always prioritizing its clients and partners, also had to have a logo easier to read for them in terms of its product. 

Thanks to this new design, the logo Onfly allows both to transmit a corporate image, while communicating the dynamism of the company BIM & CO and its flagship tool.

About Onfly
Product Onfly, born in 2018, allows architects, engineers and builders to share and update on the fly, objects and data from different projects, in any design software. Thanks to this tool, it is now possible to streamline construction processes with tools that meet everyone's ambitions.

Take a closer look at our new logo, discovering the Onfly tool here !

About BIM & CO - - @bimandco 

Subsidiary of Trace group, BIM & CO was born in 2015 and benefits from more than 30 years of technological heritage in the calculation, processing and redistribution of technical data. 

The company's mission is to connect any body of state to the powers of data, to build together the world of tomorrow. BIM & CO sets up data management solutions for engineers and manufacturers, beyond language, standards and formats barriers. 

To meet the challenges of the digitalization of industry professions, the Saas software publisher recommends an ingenious and controlled approach to BIM, based on the optimized use of shared data. Its harmonization and synchronization technology is enriched daily to allow all trades to have validated objects and qualified connected data, usable on any platform (in all standards or formats). 

BIM & CO is a global player, present in Paris, Bologna, Madrid and Montreal. BIM & CO relies on its network of partners to build a community of specialists.   

Press contact BIM & CO :

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