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the 1st openBIM training label

The 1st openBIM training label

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buildingSMART France launches the 1st “openBIM training” label 
Since the end of 2018, the "Skills" working group of buildingSMART France has been developing a labeling relating to training courses including BIM delivered in France, all types of diplomas and organizations combined. The "openBIM training" label
Several establishments have agreed to test this labeling for its launch. Result: 10 certified vocational training courses for continuing education (list below)!
The buildingSMART France “openBIM Training” Label emphasizes the fact of approaching BIM as a complex environment, made up of multiple dimensions: the project, openBIM, software culture, processes, strategy, the BIM ecosystem. 
This label - the first of its kind - is open to all training establishments and relates to the training delivered - not to the organization - regardless of the training schedule. It is issued for 1 years by a committee which meets quarterly. 3 conferences are planned on this subject at BIM World in hybrid version (2-7 oct.). Soon you will be able to submit your file online. In the meantime, if you are interested contact: Stéphanie CORDIER: 
OpenBIM labeled training courses in 2020
  • BTS Public Works (BTP CFA OCCITANIE - Establishments Haute-Garonne, Toulouse)
  • Certification training in CAP, BP MC, BAC Pro and Title Pro "Develop skills related to collaborative BIM work adapted to the diploma targeted as well as mastery of its tools" (BTP CFA Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur, Marseille)
  • Higher Technician's Certificate - Building option (BATIMENT CFA NORMANDIE, ROUEN) 
  • Professional Certificate in "Carpentry" (BTP CFA Poitou-Charentes, Saint Benoit
  • BTS FED-Fluides Energie Domotique, option C "Home automation and communicating buildings" (CFA Bretagne building, Saint Grégoire
  • BTS Public Works (BTP CFA Ardennes, POIX TERRON)
  • Bachelor "BIM Modeler" (ESITC Caen)
  • Specialized Master in BIM, Integrated design and life cycle of buildings and infrastructures (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and ESTP)
  • MS Construction project management - option: BIM and digital model (CESI)
  • Become a BIM Referent (CSTB Formations)
Why is bSFrance launching training certification?
One thing was obvious to the buildingSMART France working group which initiated this label: it was necessary to get out of the belief that "BIM = a digital solution" and that "to train in BIM = to train in software". In addition, it is crucial that the content of training positions professionals in a long-term logic thanks to the neutrality carried by openBIM.
Training is not seen by this label as a “press button” acquisition. It is the software that must submit to the operational. " So what is valuable is not training in the use of tools but in understanding a global system of which software is part. And the spirit of openBIM is not that of a proprietary system, which reflects the diversity of the software publisher market. »Explains Rémy Lannoy. " Did you need a word to write Les Misérables? No and that is the answer we are offering with this label: decorrelate skills and tools »Smiles Emmanuel Natchitz.
In addition, training is essential to understanding the operational advantages of openBIM, which can be found in the skills of teamwork - which clearly defines the world of construction with multiple actors - remotely thanks to digital practices in each trade. This label promotes training that will allow everyone to go beyond the short time of the company, to the need for software to work in BIM.
What are the evaluation criteria for the openBIM Training Label?
This label is based on the 6 dimensions of BIM mentioned above, but also on the reference system (internal, national or international) used by the organization and detailed in the application file. 
The evaluation principle retained for obtaining the label is therefore mainly based on taking into account these 6 dimensions, which allow the training organization to locate its “product” in the BIM environment. In order to understand how these dimensions are approached during the training and to ensure that the pedagogy is adapted, for each dimension the applicant organization must define a level of consideration, and describe it with an argumentation for justification, and give : 
· A referencing of the skills expected at the end of the training; 
· A mapping of the skills of the framework used with the skills related to each topic;
· The percentage of training hours allocated, knowing that a minimum of 10% is required for each topic (therefore a single topic at 50% max).
The blocking criteria are:
· Training related to the commercial sale of a tool, or marked on a product;
· Failure to take into account the BIM code of ethics of buildingSMART France;
· The non-transmission of the skills framework used.


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