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Industrialists how to enhance your technical and commercial data?

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Industrialists how to enhance your technical and commercial data?
You are industrial marketing, technical, standardization or environment managers, and you want to know How to keep control and control the cost of digitizing the data and BIM objects of your products?
The AIMCC - with the participation of CERIB / FIB, KALEI / UPB, CTMNC / FFTB, FIEEC and UFME - offers you a webinar on April 8 at 9 a.m. Inscrivez-vous to take ownership of the management of your commercial and technical data - on a French, European and international scale - within the framework of the digital transition of Construction.
In the program :
  • Information at the heart of BIM. Let's take stock of “BIM in France and Europe” and “Digitization of data, properties, objects, dictionaries” with Rémi LANNOY (digital commission AIMCC, CERIB / FIB)
  • Which objects for which needs? Object models, generic objects, specific objects: how to navigate? with Laetitia BERTEL (CTMNC / FFTB)
  • How the standardization of BIM can be an asset for manufacturers ? What challenges, what risks? with Anne ANDRE (KALEI / UPB) 
  • Digitization of product data in a BIM process: best practices. To whom and when in the project must we describe and transmit the data produced in a BIM process? with Ludivine MENEZ (UFME)
  • What happens when a BIM object does not respond to a use? Practical case with Laurent ORTAS (CN PPBIM)
  • How to digitize your product data? Several methodologies reviewed with Olivier MASSERON (FIEEC / Ignes / Legrand) 
Benefit from the sharing of experiences of different members of the AIMCC on the subject of "BIM, data and digital objects of your products" so that you can control your digital data to derive maximum benefit from it For Your Business. 

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