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Helioz joins forces with BIM & CO as content partner for the modeling of BIM objects

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Helioz joins forces with BIM & CO as content partner for the modeling of BIM objects
Helioz Technologies is a Croatian company, developing product configuration solutions for manufacturers of architectural and mechanical products. The company offers BIM content that is easily usable by any business, containing a lot of information with specific properties.

It was in February 2020 that the Helioz company became a partner of BIM & CO. Mia Velikanović, Content Creator at Helioz Technologies explains his background. " I have been working at Helioz since fall 2019. I started working with BIM tools at university. It interested me a lot  because BIM helps improve processes, improve communication, and get work done faster and more efficiently. " BIM systems are for her the engine of architecture and civil engineering. " BIM & CO tools are simple and intuitive to use, while being very powerful and that's what I really like about them. She adds.

Helioz Technologies teams have also been involved in the creation of manufacturer content: the products of the Aiphone manufacturer, specialist in the manufacture of intercom systems, were modeled in BIM format by their teams. Helioz content creator Mia Velikanović explains: “ The BIM & CO teams provide us with the manufacturer data through Onfly, which represents a significant time saving for both parties involved. We then import the data into Revit using the BIM & CO plugin, and create the geometry. Then, the objects are published in Revit or IFC format on ". Before their publication, the objects are checked by the BIM Content Specialists of BIM & CO and submitted for final validation by the client.

« The technologies available to us for the creation of generic or manufacturer objects allow us to save time, but also to generate objects of proven quality. », Adds Mia Velikanović. Helioz also benefits from increased visibility thanks to a dedicated “Content Partner” company page, available in seven languages.  

Currently, more than 120 generic objects meeting various needs (medical equipment, method objects, exterior elements, etc.) have been published by Helioz on

About Helioz - - @HeliozMT

Helioz Technologies develops and implements product configuration solutions for manufacturers of mechanical and architectural products. They partner with the best technology providers in the world for the development of 2D / 3D BIM content and mechanical products, in order to provide the best digital experience to their customers. Helioz Technologies creates simplified, information-rich BIM objects that can be used by all business groups and contain product-specific information and properties.

About BIM & CO - - @bimandco

A subsidiary of the Trace group, BIM & CO was born in 2015 and benefits from more than 30 years of technological heritage in the calculation, processing and redistribution of technical data. BIM & CO's mission is to connect all trades to the powers of data, to build together the world of tomorrow. BIM & CO implements data management solutions for engineers and manufacturers, beyond language barriers, standards and formats. To meet the challenges of the digitalization of industry professions, BIM & CO recommends an ingenious and controlled approach to BIM, based on the optimized use of shared data. Its harmonization and synchronization technology is enriched daily to allow all trades to have validated objects and qualified connected data, usable on any platform (in all standards or formats). BIM & CO is a global player, present in Paris, Bologna, Madrid and Montreal. BIM & CO relies on its network of partners to build a community of specialists. 

Press contact BIM & CO : 

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