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The implementation of BIM in public project management with Remi Montorio


For communities and public contractors, BIM questions a lot and the answers are sometimes difficult to find.

However, BIM is an opportunity that public actors can seize to meet their challenges of dialogue, better control of projects and ultimately better knowledge of their heritage of buildings and infrastructure. It remains to develop strategies adapted to this type of organization and its own constraints that must include AMO, project managers and companies to extend public procurement in BIM. The web-conference will make it possible to discover these different facets of this subject, drawing in particular on the experience of the European Metropolis of Lille.

In summary :

1. Challenges of BIM for public and local contractors

> National context
> Public Owner?
> Issues common to public project managers
> Issues common to public project managers
> Obstacles at the level of service providers and companies

2. Implementation strategies

> Food for thought
> Pitfalls and advice
> Example of approach

3. Constraints linked to public procurement

> Role of the Client
> Constraints
> Market typologies
> To be integrated into the markets

4. Outlook

Guest: Rémi Montorio, BIM Manager - European Metropolis of Lille.


The implementation of BIM in public project management with Remi Montorio

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