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How does cooptation work at HEXABIM?

At HEXABIM, we want to thank and retain our co-workers who make good recommendations and allow recruitment. We have several ways of rewarding:

  • A "surprise gift" if your candidate is presented: You have recommended a candidate for recruitment and this one has been selected by HEXABIM to be presented to the recruiter. You will receive a "surprise gift".
  • A bonus, if the recruitment succeeds: Every good cooperator deserves a reward! When a person you have co-opted is recruited by the partner company (signature of a contract of employment), we reward you. This premium varies from 500 1000 to euros according to the recruitment.


  1. Contact the HEXABIM team to send you the desired profiles.
  2. Recommend a person around you by informing him directly of the offer and / or sending us his contact information to contact you on your behalf.
  3. If the profile corresponds to the position and it is presented to the recruiter you will have a surprise gift, if in addition it is recruited you will have the bonus of cooptation!

How to touch my premium?

When recruiting, a member of the HEXABIM team will contact you regarding your bonus and award. Several choices are available to you regarding its payment:

  1. Keep your premium: In this case, HEXABIM makes a transfer or sends you by mail a check for the amount of the premium, made payable to you.
  2. Make a donation to an association: HEXABIM then pays, on your behalf, and on your behalf, all or part of the premium, for the benefit of an association.

Good to know : Anyone can become a co-op and earn a premium. If you do not need a specific status such as a self-employed person, you will just have to declare your co-op bonuses on the 2042 C online 5KU return. Co-op bonuses are subject to income tax in the Micro BNC category up to 33200 €).


  • Any cooperator undertakes to respect it, as well as the General Conditions of Use.
  • The cooperator implicitly declares to be an individual acting for non-professional purposes. The cooperator can not, under any circumstances, duplicate and / or modify the advertisements to publish them on other sites.
  • The personal data of the cooperators are not public and are known only to HEXABIM.
  • The co-ops are committed to playing the game of the recommendation, pushing the candidate whom they consider to be the best for a given position.
  • A cooperator can not be rewarded if he recommends someone from his company. If he recommends a person from his company and that person is ultimately recruited by a partner of HEXABIM, or selected by HEXABIM to be presented to one of its partners, any premium normally due will be automatically paid to an association.


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