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BIMscript and LENA by BIMobject: Convert classic CAD objects to native BIM formats

BIMscript and LENA by BIMobject: Convert classic CAD objects to native BIM formats

With the arrival of BIM, millions of CAD objects will become obsolete or almost, manufacturers and suppliers are gradually switching their catalogs to different BIM formats, either internally or through specialized companies such as Polantis and BIMobject. , the latter which recently launched two solutions that will make the transition from CAD objects to BIM automatic or almost, it is revolutionary compared with the classic procedure which consists in re-modeling all existing objects with new tools, a great investment in time and resources!

BIMscript et LENA, the first is a programming language based on the famous "C" language, it allows the creation of parametric objects by integrating the management of the levels of detail as well as the attributes of these objects.

LENA, the programming and editing environment that generates BIM objects using the language BIMscript, according to BIMobject LENA is able to import classic CAD objects from CATIA, Solidworks, Inventor, Rhino, etc., then convert them through BIMscript into native BIM formats for Revit, ArchiCAD and Sketchup, as well as others common formats like DWG, IFC and 3DS. Currently there is only one version usable under Rhinoceros, it will be integrated into other modeling software in the future.

How does it work in practice?

Here is a diagram that shows the transformation cycle from CAD objects to BIM:


From Rhino we import CAD files from other CAD software (Catia, Solidworks, etc.) > LENA transforms them into BIMscript code > Sending and processing in the BIMobject CLOUD > Download native formats (Revit, ArchiCAD, etc.) or view directly from a web browser (WebGL).

These two solutions are not paying a priori, you just need to be a developer to have the user license, on the other hand they are not 'standalone', in other words they are not independent environments, it will be necessary to go through the cloud of BIMobject as indicated in the diagram to obtain native BIM formats (rvt, etc.), the generated objects will be stored a priori in the BIMobject platform.

Here are presentation videos by BIMobject:

More information to come!

Source: bimobject.com


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