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[Investigation] BIM convention, intellectual property and legal aspect


Me David RICHARD, lawyer regularly speaking on HEXABIM on legal issues related to BIM and contractual data, carried out a survey entitled BIM Convention and Law: A Practitioner's Perspective with our participating members. Vous were 90 to answer questions from Lex Terra Avocat and we thank you!

The survey BIM Convention and Law: A Practitioner's Perspective was produced following two videoconferences hosted by Me David Richard on HEXABIM, which you can find on the following links:

Documentary base to appropriate the legal concepts of the BIM convention:

As a reminder, Me David Richard, founder of Lex Terra Avocat (www.lexterraavocat.fr) specializing in real estate law and BIM, edited the white paper BIM Convention and Law downloadable for free on HEXABIM at the following link: https://www.hexabim.com/documents/convention-bim-et-droit

An article resuming your questions answered by Me David Richard on the legal aspects of the BIM agreement " BIM and Law Convention: 11 questions and answers » is available on this link:https://www.hexabim.com/blog/11-questions-et-reponses-autour-de-la-convention-bim-et-droit

An investigation revealing a partial mastery of the legal aspects of the BIM convention:

  • The majority of respondents to the survey are BIM practitioners, they have a good knowledge of the documentary landscape related to BIM.
  • There is consistency in the relationship between the BIM convention and the actual development of projects.
  • However, and this is the most interesting part of the study, the observation is that the legal aspects of the BIM convention are only partially mastered.
  • Many points remain to be clarified, such as legal ownership or data ownership, which require in-depth work to strengthen their security through clear and legally standardized provisions.

here is an exerpt results with a link to the official website of Lex Terra Avocat for comments:


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