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HEXABIM the Podcast (Ep2) - The legal organization of a BIM project with Master David Richard

The legal-organization of a BIM-project-with-Matre-David-Richard
HEXABIM is back for a new podcast meeting. It was with pleasure that we spoke with Maître David Richard, lawyer at the Paris bar, doctor of law and founder of Lex Terra Avocats. Me Richard specializes in real estate law and particularly in matters relating to BIM. His work "Le Droit du ...

[Investigation] BIM convention, intellectual property and legal aspect

Me David RICHARD, lawyer who speaks regularly on HEXABIM on legal issues related to BIM and contractual data, carried out a survey entitled BIM Convention and Law: Practitioner's Perspective with our participating members. There were 90 of you answering questions from Lex Terra Avocat and we thank you! The ...

12 questions and answers on AS-BUILT certification and digital DOE with Stéphane DUFOUR

Many of you followed with interest the web-conference "AS BUILT Certification for a real digital DOE" presented by our guest Stéphane DUFOUR, BIM Manager at Bureau Veritas. Many questions were asked during this meeting, a good part of which we could not deal with live, so here are the answers to all the other questions ...

11 questions and answers on the BIM and Law convention

Questions and answers
During the Web-conference given by Me David Richard of Lex Terra Avocat on the legal aspects of the BIM agreement, several questions were asked by the participants. As there was not enough time to answer them, Me David Richard synthesized these questions by formulating brief answers. The set is presented below ...

BIM and Law conventions: contractual framework, value, content and writing (Bonus: White paper + Web-conference)

Me David RICHARD, Lawyer in the field of real estate and construction, and in particular on BIM. He has just published a white paper on BIM conventions, giving us the opportunity to ask him some questions on the subject. We should also point out at the same time that Me RICHARD will host a web-conference on the legal aspects of ...

BIM facing legal issues: 5 subjects and 3 specialists!

BIM never ceases to unleash passions in the construction world. A very big revolution, this digital transition is gradually taking place to improve the work of designers & builders. We are pleased to present an interview with Sébastien Métayer (Director of Sustainable Development of the ...

Cybersecurity and BIM: all about the risks associated with the digital transition of construction

Cyber-security-bim coverage
BIM offers multiple contributions for the construction of a building, its rehabilitation, its management and even its demolition / reconstruction. The data feeding the 3D model is used to optimize all of these processes, generating productivity gains and therefore costs. These data also represent new risks or of an intensity ...

BIM: a new challenge for law and lawyers | 5 questions to Maître David RICHARD

How do real estate lawyers perceive BIM? They are very interested in the subject and there is even a real attraction for BIM, as for digitization as a whole. For a long time, new technologies have been opposed to real estate, which is supposed to represent the old world. Today, this posture is totally ...
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