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Join the BIM4Value process: an exclusive interview with Nicolas Régnier and Hélène Lioussou, president and vice-president of the BIM commission at SBA


Hello Nicolas, hello Hélène, president and vice-president of the BIM commission within the Smart Buildings Alliance, could you tell us about the BIM approach within the SBA, in particular the B4V?

Since the start of 2018, more than a hundred professionals from the main professional organizations in our sector have come together within the SBA to produce the 1st reference framework for uses in BIM. Free access and intended for all those involved in project management, from programming, design, construction and up to operation-maintenance, the reference framework B4V (BIM For Value) allows value to be created with the digital model throughout the life cycle of a real estate project. It is now downloadable from the Smart Buildings Alliance website :

Concretely, what is the use of the B4V repository? An example of a use case?

Very concretely, B4V will allow each actor, regardless of their level of BIM maturity, to choose between different benefits provided by BIM. For example, a client may choose to improve the environmental performance of his project, or control the risks and deadlines of the real estate transaction. This may concern the consistency between the contractual documents, or the control of compliance with the operation program throughout the design or execution phases.

The major contribution of the approach is that from the expected benefits, a “B4V profile” will be defined, which will guide the actors from the start of the project in a very pragmatic way (requirements to be implemented, control point to be verified. , methods of proof to be provided, etc.). This is why the B4V approach is unique and marks, by its transversal approach, a major advance in the field of BIM.

Have you seen any new use cases since the first publication in July? What are the next steps ?

In a few months, a thousand building professionals have already downloaded this free and open access tool, with also the possibility of making their contribution in order to optimize the repository. Already, the first contributions have been communicated to the BIM Commission and posted on the SBA website. These feedbacks tend to want to go even further in supporting BIM projects, in particular on the contractual links between actors in a building project. It will also be a question of making the ergonomics and handling of the tool even more efficient. Finally, and even if this is still a little premature, there are already expectations formulated to develop the approach beyond the building, that is to say in a “CIM” or City Information approach. Modeling.

We are only at the beginnings of this promising and expected approach, and invite every professional wishing to move forward in the BIM process to join us and become an actor in BIM FOR VALUE.

You were at BATIMAT this week, how did you find the evolution of the sector vis-à-vis new uses precisely and digital in general? What is your finding?

BIM spreads year after year among the various players in the act of building. We thus see the appearance of technical control or technical inspections in BIM, exchanges around BIM platforms are multiplying, offers appear around deconstruction in BIM ...

In the near future, we can imagine a non-discontinuous chain of BIM uses over all the phases of a real estate project for all the players. However, the maturity of the Market is not the same on all types of projects, it seemed essential to us to make a gradation of BIM uses: those to start your first BIM project, those that can be added when 'we work with experienced BIM players, and finally those who foreshadow great maturity in the field. This progression of use is embodied in the reference system by a badge: Level of requirement of uses. 

So let's go step by step towards a BIM that brings added value to all actors in the act of building and promote these new innovative uses, and which require the organization and adaptability of actors, within the framework of operations where the players are already mature in BIM.

Participate in the next B4V Commission on November 22 at 9:30 am:
For you, what is the most central element in a digital transition process? The tools ? The data? The processes or rather the human?

THE HUMAN, because it is he who will understand the merits of the approach, will find an interest in it (among others economic), and will be the vector of transformation of the sector. Processes, tools, and data come next.

A final word to conclude?

The BIM FOR VALUE (B4V) approach, through its transversal and unifying approach, marks a major advance in the field of BIM, we invite all players, regardless of their level of BIM maturity, to join us.

You want to advance BIM and implement a first-rate approach on your project, then become an actor in BIM FOR VALUE.

Let us know your feedback, submit your contribution, and come and participate in the development of this unprecedented approach by participating in our next commission, November 22 next, or by registering for the retransmission (web-conference) by HEXABIM.


Vice-President of the BIM commission within the Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA)

Hélène is a graduate engineer from ESTP and Architect from Politecnico di Milano. She worked for 3 years as BIM Manager at Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France Construction Privée before training in computer code at the @WagonParis school.

Helene Lioussou currently holds the position of BIM project manager at Nexity.


Chairman of the BIM commission within the Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA)

Construction Engineer then Real Estate Development Manager at Bouygues Construction. President of Data Soluce

Professor at the School of Engineers of the City of Paris (EIVP) and at the Superior School of Real Estate Professions (ESPI)

Director of the Alliance HQE - France Green Building Council

Founded in 2012, the SBA, a smart building bridgehead association in France, has the main objective of supporting all players in the building industry and the regions around the digital theme. With a resolutely transverse approach, it organizes the convergence of the various trades of the sector: communities, developers, real estate, landlords, developers, builders, architects, design offices, consulting firms, equipment manufacturers, integrators, installers, telecom operators , IT and network manufacturers, software solutions publishers, energy companies, operators, service companies. The SBA is at the origin of the Ready2Services repository and has more than 350 members. - Linkedin: SBA Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities - Twitter: SBA_France 

Take part in the next B4V Commission on November 22 at 9:30 am in Paris:


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