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The point cloud at the service of nature and art: a virtual exhibition of 5 laser scans by TAGLABS


The point clouds through very high definition 3D scans and surveys reveal a new sensitivity: trees, structures, sound models, with an unsuspected beauty and an artistic approach presented below by Yan KOCH, president of TagLabs.

The oak of the island of Berder - Larmor Baden (56)

This oak tree with a twisted trunk is located on an island accessible at low tide. As with all the other trees that I have scanned (with a Faro Focus), it was necessary to proceed with the capture in the absence of wind and bad weather. I thought the leaves were going to be awkward, but the branches were visible enough to reveal the unique geometry of this remarkable tree.

The Eraudière chestnut tree - Nantes (44)

It's about from the oldest chestnut tree in Loire Atlantique (estimated to be nearly 1000 years old). One of these branches is supported by a stay. Its setting is not the most beautiful since it is located in a district of buildings, but it is masterly. It was scanned a winter around 5 a.m., before passers-by and cars circulate.

The Golden Oriental Plane of Missillac (44)

L'un of the most beautiful trees in France is also in Loire-Atlantique. This plane tree was brought back from the Orient and is almost 300 years old. Its peculiarity lies in its branches which fall to the ground over an impressive distance (nearly 40m in diameter).

It is in front of the domain of the Bretesche, and we don't pay attention to it when we walk around, because from a distance, its dimensions are reminiscent of a grove. It was also scanned in winter to prevent the leaves from obscuring the branches, and early in the morning to avoid passers-by.

Compressor room - food industry

Industrial networks also have a tree architecture, with main collectors and branches.

It is in these busy environments that 3D scanning takes on its full dimension: it is unthinkable to record all this manually in a reasonable time.

Industries optimize their space, and new elements to integrate often come in with a shoehorn. 3D scanning allows the various actors to better anticipate the problems of the sites by optimizing the prefabrication and a reduced assembly time.

La Samaritaine (building in rue Boucher, Paris)

It is a project that was carried out with Sona Architecture back when I was managing Liber-D. The building was fully cleaned before the 3D scan, revealing any the metal structure on 8 floors and 3 basements.

Sona had the difficult task of making the Revit model of the entire structure, and even of finding the bending state of the beams. This service was also nominated for the BIM d'Or 2017.

This complex and repetitive structure, with these riveted metal beams, gave me the idea of ​​making an image in " skeleton ". To do this, the floors and ceilings had to be removed one by one in order to see the structure on all floors.

The hundreds of millions, even billions, of points contained in the 3D surveys open up new possibilities of visualization, even a connection to artistic fields.

I am also in frequent contact with electronic music artists who wish to mix point clouds with their immersive sound experiences.

Yan koch
Founder of TagLabs

About TagLabs

Unlike many players in the 3D capture industry who want to achieve a mesh-like textured rendering with a photographic look, we believe that properly highlighted raw point clouds can prove to be valuable allies in construction. Already, they are delivered very quickly after the campaign on site. Then, they contain the measurement to the best of its precision, and technical trades often need sub-centimeter precision.

We are developing our flagship software - ScanSap - with this in mind: to make maximum use of what is contained in the point clouds, so as to allow the various actors to work on their project as soon as the statements are returned, without having to wait for a model often. time consuming.

Of course, we also plan to integrate advanced modeling algorithms, in particular of networks and structures. These are usually the most problematic elements in industrial work.

We are therefore in favor of a hybrid use of the point cloud: use it as is for all measurement and information addition operations, and only model the elements essential to the project.

To this end, we try to push the rendering of point clouds as much as possible for a smooth and pleasant user experience, while taking care not to generate files that are too large. Our internal format (tls) is optimized and represents only 30-35% of the original e57.

We also work in a BIM (or even PLM) spirit, because information is at the heart of our developments. Each element is described, placed in a category, a phase, a discipline, and has a unique identifier.

The result in the final BIM tool will be a model / detailed information (or measurement) pair. For example, a straight modeled beam will be associated with an information tag on its real deformation state, positioned at the location of its maximum deflection.

To take the example of La Samaritaine, ScanSap will make it possible to obtain all the arrows of the beams of the building in a few hours, and to point out those which are out of tolerance.

As certain modeling operations are to be carried out ideally in the BIM software with the point cloud, we are also working on an unprecedented segmentation which will make it possible to export only the areas of interest and considerably reduce their handling.

Website : https://www.taglabs-solutions.com/




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