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Digital DOE and BIM Management Operation Maintenance: 7 Questions & Answers with Mohamed DENNOUN

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Many of you followed with interest the Web conferencing "How to pass a BIM Digital DOE for Operation Maintenance Management" presented by our guest Mohamed DENNOUN, Project Manager, BIM & DATA Manager at SEML Route Des Lasers. Many questions were asked during this meeting, here is a selection of Q&A that we have chosen for you, you will find all the questions and answers on the web-conference page.

1. Can you define what you call "FULL BIM"? 

Full BIM is a shortcut to say that all actors produce and manipulate MN. That the elements of the project have an existing digital virtual twin that contains their information.

Ex of full bim project: for the MOE competition phase, we have already provided MN for the land and existing buildings emptied. The 9 companies involved in design exchanges only in MN. In DCE, we provide informed MNs ...

2. The fact that the legislation has not defined the content of the DOE, isn't that one of the problems?

This is also the goal, to adapt the needs for each project. The purpose of the legislation is more to organize the administrative procedures than to prescribe the technical content. 

3. DMLT and DUEM, are they compulsory documents?

The DMLT is a complement to the DIUO if the building contains workplaces. The DUEM is done by the maintainer based on the other DOEs.

4. Could you quickly explain how to export the model to IFC and classifications in order to use it on the GEM?

You just have to define an MVD to elaborate on the needs of EM managers. You have to ask them for an IDM and answer that one.

5. How to optimize the BIM GEM approach for better efficiency and time saving? 

Very broad question to which we can write a book. It is case by case and not so simple, quite an expertise. However, the best answer I will give you; The ME must be taken into account before the start of the design phase.

6. How do we manage the infra data which is not currently included in the standardized codification? 

We use other classifications to supplement what is missing in the IFC. Like the Uniformat II 2015 classification for example. 

7. How will the GEM models be updated? With identical or different native formats? 

Very good question. Upon receipt of MNOEs with different formats or in IFCs, we can transform and ingest these models into the modeling tool used by the maintainer and / or the MOE to convert them into native format. This is also interoperability.

Watch the recording of the web-conference:


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Thank you again for these details, I am in the preparatory phase to enter BIM level 2 and improve myself, so your contribution will be of great help to me.
I am a Mechanical Engineer in charge of multidisciplinary studies ...

Jose gaston
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