Man and Machine (France) is hiring Business Developer BIM / CAO Senior (CDD - CDI) Paris Île-de-France France

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General Mission

The business developper prospects, follows and develops a clientele generating or that can generate a turnover / margin important and strategic for the company.

He develops his proven business experience in the sale of complex IT solutions and services in his assigned business segments.

It implements the Strategic Plan and a well-defined Action Plan on each of the accounts assigned to it in order to develop the turnover / margin of the company on these accounts.

  • Attachment and hierarchical responsibilities

The business developper depends directly on the General Management to whom it reports on its missions.

  • Main activities

Definition of commercial targets

?? Define in connection with the general direction, the sectors of activity and / or the types of businesses targeted by commercial development;

?? Centralize all the information on the market and the companies to be prospected;

?? Define the means to implement to make the commercial approach effective: prospecting by telephone, sending commercial documentation, participation in fairs, organization of themed days ...

Commercial prospecting activity

?? Identify the relevant interlocutors within the targeted companies;

?? Implement the commercial prospection and follow the prospects contacted;

?? Respond to calls for tenders issued by prospects;

?? Present and adapt the commercial offer to the needs expressed by the prospected accounts;

Commercial negotiating

?? Negotiate with clients to determine the best offer for both parties;

?? Closer: sign and have sales contracts signed;

Monitoring and development of existing accounts

?? Retain and fertilize existing accounts by developing the turnover and margin generated by each customer;

?? Identify new interlocutors at the customers' sites in order to deploy the commercial offer;

?? Ensure a regular follow-up of the needs expressed by the customers;

?? Respond to any commercial or technical request regarding the company's offer;



Control of compliance with the contractual elements

?? Check after-sales service;

?? Evaluate and seek to enhance customer satisfaction;

?? Manage or coordinate the administrative part (billing, relaunching ...);


?? Communicate with the general management the sales forecasts as well as the weekly activity reports;

?? Provide periodic and consistent input of customer and business information into the company's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system;

This list is not exhaustive and may be supplemented later by other tasks.

  • Functional Relations

In addition to the constant relationship with the customer, the business developper also has many interactions with other services of the company, namely Marketing, Sales Administration (ADV), Finance, Technical Teams and Pre-Sales.

  • skills

?? Very good knowledge of the offer of the company and its market: competition, technological innovations ...

?? Good command of sales methods;

?? Good address book: personal knowledge of decision-makers and specifiers in the CAD, BIM market;

?? Marketing and technical culture, to interact with various interlocutors;

?? English proficiency ;

  • Personality

?? Quality of listening, in order to reap the client's expectations and to understand his needs;

?? Analytical spirit, in order to transform this need into specifications and to make recommendations emerge. ;

?? Empathy and persuasiveness, to make a difference to the competition;

?? Sense of negotiation, in order to express one's point of view during negotiations which will deal in particular with the price;

?? Toughness and perseverance, as sales can be in very long cycles;

?? Reactivity, availability, to best meet the demands of customers;

Interested candidates are invited to send their application (letter of motivation + CV) by e-mail to


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