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SKETCHUP and the VRAY rendering tool - Initiation and principles




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Software: SKETCHUP and VRAY
Duration: 14 hours (2 days)
Business hours: 9 a.m. - 00 p.m. (17 hour break for lunch)
City, Country: Paris 10 ° stop
Time to access training:3 to 5 weeks depending on funding
Entry level: Lvl. 5 (bac + 2)
Public: This module is intended for digital content creators: computer graphics artists, designers, architects, stand builders, space designer, creators of synthetic images, video production and post-production studios and animated films.
Goal : Competence block: code 3 - Extension of knowledge and know-how.
This 2-day session aims to discover how to create realistic photo images from a 3D digital model.
Targeted professional abilities or skills: Be autonomous in the modeling of a digital building model (structure).
Prerequisites: Have a real independent practice of the basic functions of SKETCHUP and in addition for the distance: have a workstation equipped with a minimum of 4 GB of Ram, a webcam and a microphone; and have followed our free introductory webinars to distance learning.
Teaching methods: Computer lab: group limited to 10 trainees face-to-face or synchronous remote training (your choice); alternation between presentation of concepts by the trainer and application by the learners in the form of concrete exercises, proposed and supervised.
Profile of trainers: The trainer is an architect and masters the VRAY tool that he uses in a production environment.
Acquired at the end of the internship: Acquire professional autonomy in the use of photorealistic image rendering functions.

Conditions for success: Throughout the training, it will be necessary to be fully present and attentive to the concepts presented and to put them into practice by carrying out the exercises proposed in a participatory manner. Afterwards, and for a minimum period of 2 months, it will be necessary to apply what has been learned; in a professional setting would be ideal; or in any other context and in particular in that of our "self-service" offered free of charge according to our access conditions.
Assessment of prior learning: Knowledge check at the end of the 45-minute module included in the duration. Validation is obtained from 20/30 points obtained.

[Day - 1 - 7 hours
Introduction to the Vray Next renderer

- Description of the tool
- Configuration and installation
- Get started with Vray Next
User interface
- V-Ray Toolbars
- V-Ray Frame Buffer
- V-Ray Asset Editor
- V-Ray color Picker
- Rendering with V-Ray Next
- GPU / CPU Rendering
- Interactive Rendering
- The Render of the Viewport Sketchup
Parameters of Rendering
- Render parameters
- The Real Camera
- Render Output
- The Environment in Vray
- Material Override
- Global Illumination
- Denoiser

[Day - 2 - 7 hoursV-Ray Next Materials

- Basic materials. (Generic, Emissive, Blend)
- Use and configuration
- Creation of a Generic material
The Sources of Lights
  - Rectangle Light
  - Light spots
  - Sphere Light
  - Sun Light and shadow management
  - The IES Light
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