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Build, a digital transition through BIM for an architectural or engineering structure
Project Management Office BIM Design, structure and manage the BIM deployment for a company
Material: PC compatible    Duration: 35 hours (2,5 + 2 + 0,5 days) Minimum entry level of the trainee: Level 7 (bac + 5)

Time to access training: generally 3 to 5 weeks depending on funding (sessions every 12 weeks).
Public : All professionals invested in the management of construction projects (BTP): Architects in title, agency heads, agency partners, project directors, heads of design offices, professional project owners.

Profile of trainers: The trainer is a senior consultant in the organization of BIM and the digital transition that he uses in a production and management framework.

Goal :code 3 - Extension of knowledge and know-how.
Set up and manage a BIM department for a BIM digital transition of the architecture company; assume the role of "BIM Director" or "BIM PMO" in digital transition projects:
- Familiarize yourself with all the tools and software for the digital transition
- Open and manage digital BIM transition projects
- Supervise BIM teams (BIM Management) and intervene on BIM-DATA-SI specificities, etc.
- Define the body of BIM documentation.
Prerequisites : Have a real practice of project and company management and preferably the principles of BIM.

Teaching methods:Group limited to 10 trainees; face-to-face training; alternation between presentation of concepts by the trainer and application by the learners in the form of concrete exercises, proposed and supervised.

Conditions for success : Throughout the training, it will be necessary to be fully present and exclusively attentive to the concepts presented and to put into practice by carrying out the exercises proposed in a participatory manner. After and during a minimum period of 2 months, it will be necessary to apply what has been learned; in a professional setting would be ideal; 
Program :

Day 1 Definition of the digital transition for a company
Stakes of the transition
Dematerialization, DATA management
· Missions
The master plan: BIM deployment plan:
· Assessment of the BIM skills of companies and their specialists.
Organizational and managerial vision
Collaborative and contributory model
Day 2 Role of the BIM Department:
Diagram and organization of DIR-BIM or PMO-BIM
· Roles, profiles, and tools.
From BIM to the digital transition
Towards the 4.0 revolution, the impacts on services and departments (IS, HR, PROD, COM, etc.)
Legal and contractual aspects of BIM
Sizing of the costs of the transition
Day 3 BIM process and its tools
Standard and state of the art (Standard 19650)
Mapping of BIM and collaborative tools
Creation of a common digital data environment (ECD) model
Digital project management methodologies
Conduct the project efficiently (agile project principle, Kaban meeting, etc.)
Day 4 The BIM Support and Methods site, production support and BIM standards
Production tools, navigation, coordination
Analysis plan, model audit, control process
· Standard, templates.
Definition and general codification rules
The BIM Information System (IT) project
Technological plan (software, servers, network)
The deployment of digital collaboration
Security, IT Policy, Data privacy
The BIM R&D project towards the direction of innovation
R&D deployment plan: Development and programming 
Production automation: Scripting and task automation deployment plan
The BIM QHSE site
Quality control and safety of the BIM model
Standards and regulatory controls
Day 5 The BIM and Development / Commercial project
Optimization of exchanges and commercial prospecting
Digital and multi-channel communication plan
Development of commercial tools
The BIM Change management & DATA Strategy project
Restructuring and change of work processes
Structural and human reorganization
The Data (s) committee
Knowledge check
Days 6 and 7Official Certification ACU Editor (3 hours / 0,5 day)
Review and preparation
Taking the test (50 minutes) 
(see certifications booklet)

Assessment of prior learning:Knowledge check at the end of the 1h45 module included in the duration. Validation is obtained from 20/30 points obtained.
ACU Certification (Autodesk Certified User) Test of 30 questions over 50 minutes; 700 points out of 1000 to pass.


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