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DYNAMO - Initiation - Automating tasks




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Software: Dynamo, Dynamo Player, Revit
Duration: 21 hours (3 days)
Business hours: 9 a.m. - 00 p.m. (17 hour break for lunch)
City, Country: Paris 10 ° stop
Time to access training:3 to 5 weeks depending on funding
Entry level: Lvl. 5 (bac + 2)
Public: All professionals involved in the production of 2D and 3D technical plans for construction (BTP): architects, site pilots, project managers, project managers, project assistants, planners, building designers, interior architects, decorators, space planners and architecture students.
Goal : Competence block: code 3 - Extension of knowledge and know-how.
Use the DYNAMO © development software to develop specific automation functionalities in the REVIT © software in order to assume the functions of "BIM Developer", "BIM Coordinator" or "BIM Manager".
Acquire professional autonomy in the use of functions related to the automation of certain production tasks of the digital model.
Targeted professional abilities or skills: Know how to automate tasks related to production and coordination. Identify repetitive use cases.
Prerequisites: Be part of the defined audience.
To be able to take tests written in English.
Have a good practice of REVIT and know the principle of simple families or have followed the modules: Initiation, Project and Families.
Have a workstation equipped with at least 4 GB of Ram, a webcam, a microphone and the REVIT software installed.
Have followed our free introductory webinars to distance learning
Teaching methods: Computer lab: group limited to 10 trainees.
            - Face-to-face or synchronous distance training (optional).
            - Alternation between presentation of concepts by the trainer and application by the learners in the form of concrete exercises, proposed and supervised.
Profile of trainers: The trainer is an architect and / or engineer, he is also a BIM Manager.
Acquired at the end of the internship: Autonomy on the professional bases of using the DYNAMO tool for the implementation of automation scripts.

Conditions for success: Throughout the training, it will be necessary to be fully present and attentive to the concepts presented and to put them into practice by carrying out the exercises proposed in a participatory manner. Afterwards, and for a minimum period of 2 months, it will be necessary to apply what has been learned, ideally in a professional setting. Otherwise, in any other framework or that of our "self-service" offered free of charge according to our access conditions.
Assessment of prior learning: Autonomy on the professional bases of using the DYNAMO tool for the implementation of automation scripts.
[Date - 1 - 7 hours]
 Interface presentation
            - Navigation in DYNAMO
            - Principle of nodes, entry / exit points
            - Link between REVIT and DYNAMO
            - Filters, selection, search
            - Creation of formulas
            - Conditional formatting
            - Handling of the parameters of a family
            - Package management
Data recovery
            - Actions on REVIT parameters
            - Creation and transfer of data on parameters
Import / Export
            - Links to EXCEL
            - Links to other software

[Date - 2 - 7 hours] Initialization of Scripts
            - Automation of repetitive tasks
Use case
            - Basic script creation
            - Modification and analysis of solids
            - Data extraction from REVIT
            - Input / Output

[Date - 3 - 7 hours] Practice workshop
            - Script for creating lists of sheets
            - Script for the management of reservations
            - Script for calculating surfaces by typology
            - Script for automatic placement of object families
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