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  • Digital continuity: what are the advantages for collaboration during your BIM projects?
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22 Jul 2021 11:00


22 Jul 2021 11:30

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Digital continuity is one of the most important challenges for the future of our industry.
How to ensure that all the information related to a system, a product or a structure is available, reliable and well transmitted throughout its life cycle? This is the whole challenge of digital continuity around the data of objects:
67% of decision-makers in the industrial sector have made it a priority.
A project involves a number of actors who have a very structured scope and responsibilities.
In this webinar, learn how to improve collaboration through the development of a single work process and common language with the Onfly tool.
See you on Thursday July 22 at 11 a.m.!

Blue valleyValentin MALEMANCHE
Product Manager BIM & CO
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