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Trimble TX8

The Trimble® TX8 laser scanner sets the standard for performance and ease of use in ultra-fast 3D scan data collection. Thanks to its unique speed and extreme precision, the Trimble TX8 offers excellent results that are essential for collecting jobsite data. With the TX8, contractors can capture data faster on any job site. They can also take advantage of its long reach which reduces the number of configurations required to get the job done. All this while ensuring high levels of precision and flexibility.

The Trimble TX8 combines maximum reach and speed with one goal: to reduce the time and effort required for 3D scanning. With the TX8, you can speed up data capture faster than usual because the long range of the scanner reduces the number of configurations required for successful measurement surveys. The result: you can complete your projects much faster while being confident that your data is complete and accurate.

  • Max reach : 120 m (340 m with extension)
  • Scanning speed: 1 dots / second
  • Scan time: from one minute (depending on the desired resolution)
  • Accuracy:> 2 mm
The Trimble TX8 is designed for a wide variety of uses and environments. Among the main construction applications:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Virtual Design Construction (VDC)
  • Architecture and construction
  • Quality control during construction
  • Conservation and restoration of heritage
  • Installation measures and industrial measures


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