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Leica ICON iCR70

The new Leica iCON iCR70 robotic station facilitates the digital transition, helping to move from traditional analog methods to digital layout methods. These new methods are essential to the BIM process and achieve the maximum productivity and precision required by the Construction industry. the iCR70 can be used by construction operators with minimal training, and does not interfere with existing construction processes. The iCON iCR70 enables operators to:   

  • To set up layout lines for foundations or chalk lines for formwork on foundations
  • To set up points For example: network port, reservation before concreting  
  • Masonry Electricity Plumbing (MEP) for wall penetrations, suspensions for HVAC applications and laying of conduits, vents, etc.
  • Fully automated layout routines for floor or ceiling points and lines for wall penetrations.  
Prepare and execute construction jobs faster, easier and more precisely. The iCR70 is designed to meet your needs. A single operator is enough, this robot eliminates the need for a second operator. You gain 80% productivity compared to traditional implantation methods.


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