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BIM Manager or BIM Manager? Thoughts on BIM managers

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BIM Manager or BIM Manager? Thoughts on BIM managers

On social networks, the notion of BIM Manager, his role and the content of his mission, is one of the most sensitive and discussed subjects. Is it a new job, a new function, a new status? What role (s) and what responsibility (s)? How to train or recruit these new managers on skills that do not yet exist?

Our analysis of the BIM system shows on the one hand that it is imperative to use the plural to speak of BIM managers and on the other hand to distinguish between the concepts of BIM Manager and BIM Manager. The full effectiveness of the new BIM project mode depends on it.

The conference proposes to think of BIM / PLM [1] / BKM [2] as a "DISTIC" (socio-technical information and communication device) and highlights the problem of the BIM (project) Manager through the variety of profiles and the practices of the various BIM managers. In the background: organizational and managerial innovations rather than technological ones.

[1] PLM: Project or Product Lifecycle Management - [2] BKM: Building Knowledge Management.

DESA architect by training, former State Architect and Urban Planner at the Ministry of Equipment, holder of an MBA, Serge K. Levan has spent most of his career in management consulting, organization and information systems. He created his own consulting firm in 1992 and has already published five notable works: Le Groupware (Hermès, 1994), Le projet Groupware (Eyrolles, 1996), Le projet Workflow (Eyrolles, 1999), Collaborative work on the Internet (Vuibert , 2004), BIM Management and Collaboration (Eyrolles, 2016). Consultant and trainer, he teaches collaborative work and the new project mode at the University of Technology of Troyes, at the CESI engineering school (Nanterre and Strasbourg), at the Catholic University of Louvain and at the School des Ponts ParisTech.

Architect graduated from ENSAV and holder of a specialized master's degree in Bridges and Roads, Audiffret's periwinkle started her career in the airport field, where she acquired skills in the management of complex and large-scale projects. Interested in new technologies and working methods, she took on the role of BIM Manager since 2013 and supports internal teams as well as clients in the development of their BIM project.

The two co-authors of a small book on the same subject to be released at 1er quarter 2018 (March) at Eyrolles.

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Superb synthesis in illustration.
Thank you for this feedback.

Jonathan PAPAURÉ
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