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  Monday July 19 2021
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Good luck to all.
I take the liberty of addressing the community to help me choose a software.
I have been working since p within a facade BET, and at the present time, the designer at work only works with 2D autocad.
I was recruited as a draftsman and project manager to replace this draftsman who will soon be retiring, for my part I followed a draftsman training on autocad and on Revit.
My CEO wants to develop the work of the office and wants to move to 3D and be able to work from digital models, we work with firms' architects who of course work on Revit in particular, and owners of more and more requests to be able to work in BIM.
So he asked me to study what would be the best solution for our office.
We carry out designs for metal facades, curtain walls, canopies, etc.
Is Revit well suited to this style of work, we have to edit 2D detail plans, use a wide variety of profiles for joinery ... I don't have a very deep knowledge of Revit, and I have a hard time to know if it will be really adapted to this style of work
I had a demonstration of Hicad software which seems very interesting to me, but recent on the French market, opinions on this software?
Awaiting any advice which could therefore enlighten me.
Thank you to all
The HEXABIM team
changed the title from Which software to choose to Which 3D software to choose - about 1 week ago
I invite you to take a look at Tekla Structures, new tools are available for the facade.

Best regards.
Thanks, I will study this.
Have a good day
REVIT allows you to do a lot of things, in many business areas.
The cladding part is not left out, although it is necessary, as always, to properly configure REVIT for what you want to produce.
In my opinion, your needs should be studied more precisely: design or EXE? need to exit fab plans (CN command)? What level of communication will you need with Architects, and what will DOE's delivery requirements be for the MOA?
We can discuss these questions if you wish.
Hello Guillaume, thank you for your answer.
I'm not too worried about the cladding with Revit, but I have more questions about the joinery part. It is above all a need at the design level, at the moment I work on autocad and it is easy to recover the different ranges of profiles from the many manufacturers (schuco, wicona ...) in dwg and work on them to create this which we need. I wonder if this will be possible on Revit (create ventilated facades, double skin ... with a good level of detail).
We never go out of manufacturing plans, in exe we will just do the visas on the plans of the company which obtained the contract, I only follow up EXE.

... but I have more questions about the joinery part. ... I wonder if this will be possible on Revit ...


What are the deliverables allowing the construction? -> 2D deliverables plans, sections, facades, details
What is a BIM model used for? -> among other things to increase consistency between deliverables dedicated to construction
During each of the phases, the BIM model (s) facilitates the easy updating of the 2D deliverables from the ESQ to the DOEs.
Integrating a very high level of detail into the BIM model such as carpentry profiles or locksmith details can be deleterious for the maintenance of the BIM model over time, because we do not build from a friendly BIM model from the resulting deliverables.

Note also that all BIM occurrences (regardless of the software) have several types of representation. So an occurrence having a complex 3D modeling can very well lead to a symbolic 2d representation or vice versa, and this, in the interest of the designer, the company or the MOA.

It is therefore likely that your interest is more on the ergonomics and graphic qualities that a software allows rather than on its ability to model.

From my point of view and with regard to your objectives, TEKLA seems to me to be the most adequate tool.

Christophe FORTINEAU
Consultant, trainer and AMO BIM
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