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  Friday April 30 2021
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Hello everybody,

I allow myself to open this discussion because I have not found an answer to my question. I am currently working on developing a script and for that I will need to download some packages like Archi-lab, Bimorph, Spring nodes, etc. My problem is that when I open the search for packages from Dynamo (I am working under Dynamo 1.3.3 with Revit 2019) the search advertises not to find packages.

While researching I learned that it may be an "obsolete" version of Dynamo which makes it impossible to download packages for this version. So I downloaded the latest version of Dynamo that runs on Rvt 2019 namely Dynamo 2.0.3 but the result is the same.

I found on a forum that it was possible to manually download the packages in .zip and insert them in Dynamo but it does not work for all the packages because in some zip the dyf folder is empty (Bimorph for example).

Do you have a solution so that I can download and use the quoted packages?

Thank you in advance.
over a month ago

After testing in R19 and 2.0.4, I confirm that unzipping the package in the package location is enough for it to be detected by dynamo. The dyf folder is empty because the package is encoded in .dlls (bin folder).
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Need technical support, advice or advice?

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