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  Monday April 1 2019
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good evening everyone,
I would like to know the cost of a complete training in BIM, and if possible the place where this training is given.
there are about 2 years

€ 250 over 000 years!

And more seriously, a training, complete et in BIM in itself makes no sense. It would be to a certain extent like asking for a single training course to have all the licenses in the world (license to drive all types of vehicles, licenses to hunt, fish, carry weapons and whatnot).

BIM seeks above all to bring order and rigor to our working methods. Also, depending on whether you have a profile of project owner, technical controller, quantity surveyor / surveyor, secretary or any other position, you may be concerned by the subject. However, you can imagine that you will not be impacted in the same way and that the knowledge and skills to be acquired are different.

In this, it is therefore not necessary to seek a complete training in BIM (which once again makes no sense) but to define the needs that are yours, the points on which you want to develop your skills and the aspects of your post that are affected by these methods, this rigor.

Given the content of your question, I invite you to start with a first awareness of BIM to guide you in your choices of future training.
If you are part of a company that wants to move in this direction, a company audit can also be a constructive step.

I take this topic to remind everyone that BIM is not just about modeling in 3D and is not just for designers / modelers. Commercial comments have certainly been important, but today more than ever, an individual or a company wishing to take a step towards BIM must really be vigilant vis-à-vis words that are too flattering or too simplistic and seek support. if necessary on technical subjects.
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