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  there are about 2 years
I thank you. I also hope to have the pleasure of meeting you this year ;-) Maybe at BIM world? See you soon
  there are about 2 years
Thank you Mikael for this documented and argued feedback! I admit that my conclusion is identical to yours, but coming from me, the latter would not have had the same credibility ;-) As you indicate, any book has its strengths and weaknesses. Sincerely, Jonathan
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  there are about 5 years
An open platform focused on exchanges and sharing. Since its creation, the site has continued to evolve and offer new bricks for the greatest pleasure of BIMers and BIMers. Thanks to him and long life to HexaBIM ;-)
  there are about 5 years
Regarding the feedback on bw edition 2016. The discussions were more interesting and richer than in the 2015 version. The interest of visitors was very real and feedback is at the center of questions today. The announced success was therefore there. Small flat on the conferences, from what I was told, they were unequal in terms of quality of the content (probable consequence of the paid speaking ... business is business!). Anyway, the whole Atlancad team had a great time and is happy to have interacted with the many visitors who came to meet us. See you next year :-)
  there are about 6 years
We feel the passion in this interview. I had the opportunity to meet Emilie briefly recently, I also hope to have the opportunity to meet you ;-)
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