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WIZZCAD: BIM and artificial intelligence at the service of the building world of tomorrow


Discover our interview with Cyril Perrin, R&D Director & Co-founder of Wizzcad, the startup in 10 projects which specializes in collaborative solutions around BIM, providing concrete insight for players in the construction sector. The positioning of the startup has clearly favored its evolution by being part of the development and integration of BIM in all phases of a project, from design to operation as well as rehabilitation, for the construction industry but also the 'industry. You will also discover some projects carried out in France using the solutions developed by the startup!

Could you tell us about the launch of Wizzcad and its evolution?

WIZZCAD is first and foremost a vision carried by the founders of the company who have nearly 15 years of expertise in construction and new technologies. Help all stakeholders in the construction sectors achieve their digital transformation by providing them with digital solutions not only adapted to their activity but in line with new needs.

First of all, the use of BIM (of which we are experts), which is increasingly essential, even compulsory, to design and operate structures and respond to the emergence of SmartBuilding. On the other hand, the need to adapt to the ecological shift by proposing solutions allowing a drastic saving in building materials, which are, according to a study by the World Economic Forum (WEF), responsible for 40% of waste at the global level ! Almost 2 years of R&D were necessary for the development of WIZZCAD solutions, the most powerful and the most complete on the market.

In 2016, the company really took off in the face of growing demand from the market for global solutions to meet these new challenges. Vinci, Bouygues, Colas, Citinéa, Cegelec, Gecina, GTM Batiment, to name a few ... use WIZZCAD to digitize their business process from design to operation.

Many collaborative platforms exist today, how is Wizzcad different? What more do you offer the construction market?

WIZZCAD is the only platform that links the data of the projects of the design toexploitation and thus allows the constitution of an exploitable “digital twin”. The data is not fragmented and it is reusable, usable on all phases of the construction. It is a real digital heritage that companies can create, keep, exploit at any time. 

WIZZCAD covers all operational processes related to construction, réhabilitation and theexploitation de buildings, D 'works or installations industrial. Indeed, beyond the construction phase, WIZZCAD is increasingly deployed by property and infrastructure managers as part of their renovation and facilities management operation.

BIM is a powerful lever for performance-quality-safety-costs-deadlines throughout the life cycle of a building. Thanks to our BIM solution, the customer can not only display but exploit, enrich its BIM models whatever the phase of its construction project, all in mobility or not. So we help companies to create a digital twin. 

Is there a place for artificial intelligence (AI) in the processing of data collected in a BIM project?

This is the starting point of our vision. Our data is structured in a data lake encrypted underlying. The solution is enriched in real time as the life cycle of the project evolves. All these projects agglomerated in our date lake make it possible to constitute the artificial intelligence of the building world of tomorrow. Enormous potential and very high expectations from construction players. 

How the Wizzcad API and connections works GTB / GED / QHSE ?

This is one of the strengths and peculiarities of the solution which allows, through our API, to be integrated into any information system and to interface with other technological bricks and thus keep a single environment of work for the end user.

Our platform makes it possible to centralize, through BIM, information and connections to building management systems, from quality safety repositories to EDM repositories. By using BIM, we were able to respond to a strong demand from our customers to design a “digital twin” for them.

What about Open BIM in all of this?

We made the immediate choice of open BIM to allow us to be interoperable with all BIM design tools and I think that is the meaning of the story. I think the adoption of BIM in France is accelerating. As proof, the latest government declarations and investments with the BIM 2022 plan!

What are your future development axes?

We have just opened a subsidiary in Great Britain where the construction market is very dynamic and the adoption of BIM more advanced. The China, where we just met the main construction players during the French Tech Tour China, is a huge market. We already have many consultations for projects on site.

To face these challenges, Our team has grown and we have doubled in less than a year with the arrival in particular of BIM specialists and Big Data to structure and create our future IA. Our R&D efforts are in line with our vision and we want to go very quickly, because the market is exploding.

Live from Shanghai where the WIZZCAD team starts its French Tech Tour.


Since 2013, WIZZCAD has been supporting construction players in their digital transformation in order to help them build quality projects, in complete safety, on time and on budget. Continuous innovation and in-depth expertise in trades in the construction sector have enabled WIZZCAD to become one of the benchmark players by offering the most complete SaaS solution on the market.

The WIZZCAD suite makes it possible to digitize business processes throughout the life cycle of buildings, public works and industrial infrastructures through a unique collaborative SaaS platform. From design to operation, the WIZZCAD solution makes it possible to articulate and link project data by making forecast information available to companies.

BIM (building information modeling) constitutes a major strategic axis for WIZZCAD which responds through its solutions to the new uses and challenges of Smart Buildings. More than a virtual representation of the infrastructure, WIZZCAD makes it possible to deliver a digital twin, which will be operated in total connection with the real infrastructure.

WIZZCAD solutions have already been adopted by many customers such as Vinci, Bouygues Construction, Cegelec, Colas, GTM Batiment, Eiffage, Engie Axima, Gecina, on more than 10 projects in France and abroad. 


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