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Three free, easy and useful plugins for Revit

Three free, easy and useful plugins for Revit

this article is intended for those who do not have time to try the applications, plugins that can be found on the site ofAutodesk exchange, a platform set up by Autodesk for the exchange and sale of applications for Revit and all Autodesk software.

In Revit, these plugins or applications will be installed in the "add-on" section of the main banner. The applications presented will only require a few tries to understand their operation.

The first application is already well known, it is among the most downloaded on the site, it is:

COINS Auto-Section Box - COINS editor


This application allows you to automatically create a 3d view window of the selected objects, windows or sections.We can each time name the 3d view in question, this window can be automatically mosaic with your plan view for example. function is reversible, i.e. you can start the application and then select the elements ----- or select the elements, a branch of a PVC network or several distinct elements for example, in this case the 3d view will be a view encompassing all your elements.

The tip: in the complements banner, the "Corners sections box" window contains an arrow to expand the icons: you will find an "icon"QUICK section box", this option allows the 3d window to be created bcp faster, ie there is no longer a creation and confirmation window. Be careful, this function will take the parameters and the name of the last 3d view created; a "Quick 3d" 3d view before launching the function under the risk of "overwriting" the last 3d view created.

> Download


The second application allows you to select the elements precisely according to all the variables of your project.

RQuick Select - publisher CAD Masters, Inc.


I recently discovered this function because I wanted to check and point out certain elements of the same family.

example 1: my view contains 100 objects of the same family and I am trying to verify that the Ai of all the elements is 3m for example.

I select them all by right clicking "select all occurrences-visible in the view, then I run Rquick select, a window containing a tree structure appears.

By unfolding this tree structure, I look for the type of variable that interests me, for example "Ai element", I then discover that this Ai element variable has several variables, I can then check the variable that interests me {I decide to select them. Have different from 3metre} and launch the app, the elements whose criteria are selected and appear "in blue" on my plan view. I can then define a filter, isolate these elements or delete them ...

This application is reversible, ie you can launch it and choose the criteria afterwards.

> Download


finally, the ifc export function is integrated in revit but it only allows to export one model at a time. This plugin allows you to export ALL the models contained in link in your project revit.

IFC Export Alternate UI 2014 - publisher: Autodesk, Inc.


BE CAREFUL, this requires all the resources of the CPU, sometimes the program freeze and we have to start the operation again {in my case, 10 linked models, sizes ranging from 200Mo to 40Mo}; exports are carried out in about 1h20.
Once installed, the app seamlessly replaces the IFC export function

to benefit from the export of all the models, after having click on "modification of the settings", in the "general" tab you must check "Export the linked files as separate IFCs files

> Download


I will add a comment on Tekla BIMsight which I use as an ifc viewer, it can be useful to view in 3d and independently, without having any knowledge of revit and naviswork, to run the model, with the "scissors" icon, to make cuts following the faces of buildings.


This article is open, you can modify it, complete it.


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comments (4)

This comment was made by the moderator on the site

Thank you Matthieu for this great article,
I didn't know RQuick Select before, thanks for sharing!

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This comment was made by the moderator on the site

Thank you for this discovery

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This comment was made by the moderator on the site

Indeed Rquick is really useful !! I did not know this tool, thank you for the info !!
I found it to be a major flaw in Revit that it didn't have a powerful selection filter ...

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This comment was made by the moderator on the site

Rquick select is a great time saving tool. Thanks for the article

Jeff loko
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