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BIM through the prism of Bouygues Construction with Christophe MOREAU


Alors que le technical summit de buildingSMART International will be held in Paris at the end of March with its public opening day - the international openBIM on March 26 (Program - Registration), we went to meet Christophe Moreau, Business Modernization Director of Bouygues Construction for his feedback.

Below are the points addressed which thus establish a state of BIM and openBIM through the prism of Bouygues Construction: Performance, leadership and attractiveness: and BIM - The best of BIM - BIMe we can - BIM or openBIM? Both - I am "buildingSMART" - With openBIM expectations - Paris, capital of BIM: for a better understanding of the challenges of openBIM in France and French specificities vis-à-vis the international.

Performance, leadership and attractiveness: and BIM! To meet the current challenges of performance and leadership in a sector undergoing rapid transformation towards digital technology, but also of attractiveness, BIM has been identified as an essential lever. For Bouygues Construction, BIM allows us to create more value for our customers, to strengthen our competitiveness, the quality of our structures and the safety of our sites, and finally to better manage the growing complexity of our projects.

The best of BIM!

Performance today depends on: better design, better build and better use, BIM is better:

  • Collaboration between all stakeholders.
  • Optimization of project design taking into account the performance to be achieved.
  • Readability of the project for all partners, including project management.
  • Accessibility to information for all stakeholders.
  • Anticipation anticipate difficulties.
  • Definition of the structure to be constructed before the start of the works.
  • Fluidity in the work phase, saving time and therefore money.
  • Transferability of all the information necessary for the operational phase.

BIMe we can!

Our ambition is to deploy BIM on all our projects, and in the different phases of the life of these operations. And we have already made good progress.

  • At the level of a given operation, setting up this project in BIM means choosing - in its specific context and in dialogue with its client - the use cases of BIM that bring value to the client and those that make our processes more efficient. Then it is a question of implementing them with the skills of our employees, the appropriate software, and the appropriate IT infrastructure.
  • At the company level, it means supporting and helping our partners and developing our digital relationships with our suppliers; standardize our BIM processes by product type (housing, functional structure, public works structure…); organize the sharing of best practices by helping in particular with the deployment (guides, standard documents…); recruit and train; organize software monitoring, test new ones and suddenly develop our relationships with publishers, large and small; improve our IT infrastructure and equipment.

BIM or openBIM? Both !

The value provided by BIM is essentially through its collaborative uses. We know that there are many types of software, their landscape is constantly evolving thanks to the inventiveness of start-ups and the large development resources of large publishers. The variety of actors on a project is great. Practices vary from country to country. So data exchange between software is absolutely essential, and IFCs are the way to do it.

I am "buildingSMART"!

buildingSMART International and buildingSMART France-Mediaconstruct are the organizations that advance openBIM in the world and in France. We need the openBIM, so it makes sense that we contribute to these associations. These bodies - technical - have an essential role of pre-standardization, and of definition of general interest working frameworks which serve or will serve as a common reference for all actors. That's why it's worth getting involved. Bouygues Construction is therefore an active member of buildingSMART France-Mediaconstruct. We are present on the Board of Directors, on the Scientific and Technical Committee, and in various working groups where all the players meet. We also participate in chapters UK et Switzerland, and are a member of the bSI board. 

Bouygues Construction is also active in the national project MINnD (modeling of interoperable information for sustainable infrastructures), as well as in BIM standardization bodies in France and in Europe.

With expectations in openBIM

At the World level, we expect more substantiated communication from bSI to make many people better understand the importance of openBIM. It is also important for us that the bSDD becomes a support for property dictionaries which are gradually developing in various countries. At the level of buildingSMART France-Mediaconstruct, we hope for a certain continuity in the governance necessary for long-term efficiency, and even stronger growth of members. Place of dialogue - whose neutrality remains to be preserved - we are always more demanding quality deliverables recognized and used by all because they emanate from an interprofessional consensus.

Paris, capital of BIM: for a better understanding of the challenges of openBIM in France and French specificities vis-à-vis the international. 

buildingSMART France-Mediaconstruct is one of the most active chapters of bSI. With a lot of participants who are very involved companies. France has many major global players in the profession (engineers, general contractors, manufacturers, major architects) and is very active in exports. 

The “French model” is quite different from the “Anglo-Saxon model” because of the role and the important responsibility taken by general contractors: also it is important that our colleagues from other countries understand what is happening in our country. It is also important vis-à-vis the French public authorities who can see that the development of BIM is a global subject. This is why the fact that Paris is hosting the international technical summit of openBIM is a real opportunity!

Cover image (c): blog - Interview source - article: Mediaconstruct


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