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BIM Invites 2019 GIS Conference: 5 Sessions to Follow


Did you miss the BIM events in September? Do not panic ! You can catch up with the 16 and 17 October GIS conference. This event, organized by ESRI, specializing in spatial and geographic data, will have no less than 330 sessions including technical workshops, content workshops, classroom, development theater, business clubs, expert meetings and more for share GIS knowledge and experiences.

Also note that 5's leading presentations on convergence between GIS and BIM are also on the agenda. Here is the list selected by our editorial team.

1. BIM and GIS go hand-in-hand

Authors / speakers: Laurent Charrier - Geomatician at the DSI of the Urban Community of St Quentin en Yvelines and Stéphane Schira - Chargé d'operations at the public building and Pierre Antoine Maillot BIM manager of BETEM xid

The 17 / 10 / 2019 from 09h30 to 10h00 - Location: Haussmann 6, Dock Haussmann

As part of the redevelopment of car parks located in the agglomeration of St Quentin en Yvelines, in the extension of work for a TCSP, a service provider mandated for the studies conducted this project in accordance with the rules of know-how in BIM and allows today SQY's CA to maintain this new equipment from the GIS. It is about a feedback of experience where it is a question of presenting the strong step of the already conclusive results in terms of uses and maintenances.

2. Convergence BIM and GIS in Loiret: My colleagues in my pocket

Authors / speakers: Jérôme BARET - Geographical Information Systems Manager, Loiret - Loiret Department - Sébastien PETITEAU - GIS Project Manager - Loiret Department

The 17 / 10 / 2019 from 16h00 to 16h30 - Location: Studio Photo, Dock Pullman

This is to present a BIM experiment during a tender for the construction of 2 colleges. An 3D model on ArcGIS Online has been proposed to the candidate to produce their BIM model. A project visualization application came to assist decision makers in their choices.

3. Can GIS be a collaborative platform around the BIM digital model?

Authors / speakers: Magalie BARRUE and Christian GROBOST

The 17 / 10 / 2019 from 10h00 to 10h30 - Location: Haussmann 9, Dock Haussmann

Based on several examples of interactive WEB GIS implementation, we offer feedback on the advantages and restrictions observed when GIS is used as the core of a collaborative platform.

4. Why is BIM needed in the oil industry? Continued integration testing of CAD data from SIG Desktop to the web.

Authors / speakers: William LOZINGUEZ - SAIPEM SA

The 16 / 10 / 2019 from 18h00 to 18h30 - Location: Casting, Pullman Dock

In 2018, CAD object transfer tests - performed under 3D Inventor (Autodesk) - to 3D SIG (ArcScene) were performed for individual parts / objects. Now, the transition from the 3D desktop SIG to the 3D web SIG will be presented, initiating a potential "BIM" in the oil industry.

5. BIM and GIS convergence experience feedback around the Grand Paris Express 14 line project

Authors / speakers: Elodie Maynadier - Geomatician - EGIS - Arnold Ledan - BIM Manager - EGIS

The 16 / 10 / 2019 from 16h30 to 17h30 - Location: Haussmann 2, Dock Haussmann

Interoperability between BIM and GIS on a linear infrastructure project or digital model, a central element of the project. The implementation of collector tools, Survey, and Dashboard, workforce for site monitoring

For more information on the event and rdv sessions on the official website:


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