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  • The DOMOLANDES technology park: A national competition, a unique virtual construction space and a BIM club very soon!
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The DOMOLANDES technology park: A national competition, a unique virtual construction space and a BIM club very soon!

The DOMOLANDES technology park: A national competition, a unique virtual construction space and a BIM club very soon!

Established since the end of 2011 on the Business Park Atlantisud à Saint-Geours-de-Maremne, in Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes. DOMOLANDES is a technology park dedicated to the economic development of companies in the eco-construction sector and digital technologies applied to buildings.

It concentrates 3 main activities:

  • Domolandes Companies : Business incubator & hotel (5.000m2 infrastructure), advice to businesses in the area, support for setting up businesses in the area,
  • Domolandes Innovation : Technology watch & transfer, setting up of innovative projects, development of innovation support tools, development of the Virtual Construction Space (ECV) tool,
  • Domolandes Animation : Animation of the network of Landes players in eco-construction and the SoBIM Club, the first Aquitain BIM club, organization of the National Competition for the Creation of a Sustainable Construction Company, training, conferences, professional events.

What services does DOMOLANDES offer today?

Concretely, the DOMOLANDES technology park will offer the following services:

  1. Help with the decision : Thanks to virtual reality, it is now possible to "visit" a building even before it is built. An immersion that allows to get a more precise idea of ​​the future realization, to detect points of vigilance very early on and to help validate technical decisions.
  2. BIM support : The Virtual Construction Space offers tools for coordination and decision-making support. It is thus possible to synthesize all the data, organize project review meetings and preview the different scenarios. Thanks to the tools installed, the Virtual Construction Space enables better preparation and better control of the site, while rationalizing costs and deadlines.
  3. Immersive training : Initial training, continuing education, immersive construction training: the Virtual Construction Space offers the opportunity to familiarize yourself with new digital technologies.
  4. R & D : Because tomorrow is being prepared today, the Virtual Construction Space offers a real laboratory for use and experimentation, which helps to design and develop future digital tools for the construction industry.

Since 2012, DOMOLANDES has been organizing a national competition for the creation of a Sustainable Construction Company, how does it work?

The National Competition for the Creation of a Sustainable Construction Company, organized by the Technopôle Domolandes, has the sole ambition of encouraging business start-ups and digital and environmental innovations in a sector that consumes a lot of energy and raw materials.

This competition is aimed at creators and young companies (less than 3 years old) from the entire eco-construction sector: project leaders, students, building contractors, design offices, architects , manufacturers of materials and equipment, academics ...

The jury, made up of the Presidents and CEOs of the major players in the building sector and experts in business creation, will designate on June 7, 2016 during the Energy Performance Meetings the 2 Laureates in the "category". general innovation "And" Digital innovation ».

The projects will be selected on the following criteria: innovative character of the project, potential and relevance development strategy, taking into account the challenges of Sustainable Development, skills and profiles project leaders and exceptional presentation of the file.

Why did you introduce a new category this year around BIM and the digital transition?

DOMOLANDES being very attached to supporting the digital transition in the construction sector, it seemed obvious to offer digital technology applied to construction a category in its own right.

This new category is aimed at all innovative projects such as tool development, software, methodologies and systems in connection with the digital model (& BIM), They digital and / or virtual business solutions, the teamwork dematerialisation, the management of BIG DATA, the partage information, maintenance buildings, the automation...

Could you tell us about the ECV, the virtual construction space?

Among the various innovative vectors, the entry of the building into the digital age represents for the construction industry, a shock comparable to the impact of the introduction of the Internet in the daily life of companies twenty years ago. ! Design and build a building like an airplane or a car? The digital tool now makes this possible.

Mastery of digital technology applied to construction is a condition of success for the business of tomorrow. It is with this in mind and within the framework of the Construction Recovery Plan, wanted by Ms. Sylvia Pinel, Minister of Housing and Territorial Equality, that the Technopôle DOMOLANDES created a Virtual Construction Space unique in France, and complementary to the equipment available to the Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) To Sophia Antipolis.

The Virtual Construction Space is 150m2 equipped with the digital tools ofvirtual immersion and 3D modeling most innovative: HD video projector allowing active 3D projection, Rear-projection screen 4m x 2,5m, Workstation with latest generation processor and graphics card, 3D transmitter and glasses active, System tracking 6 cameras, 3D mouse, LED touch screen 65 inches.

The ECV embeds software for integration, analysis, revision or visualization of building projects: Unity 3D Pro, MiddleVR, Naturalpoint Motive, Sketchup Pro, Archicad, Allplan, Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite, Bentley Design Suite, Vico Office Suite...

The Virtual Construction Space is the result of a partnership approach with local, regional and national players (FNADT, ADEME, CSTB, BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTON, ISA BTP, Lycée Haroun Tazieff, ESTIA, FFB, Pôle CREAHd, Order of Architects, BIM France, MediaConstruct, Immersion). The installation of this equipment was carried out thanks to a partnership with the Company IMMERSION, creator of 3D experiences.

The ECV is made up of 4 complementary areas:

  • A space of presentation - It offers everyone the best conditions to share their ideas and promote their projects.
  • An area collaboration - A place for exchanges and sharing, it allows information to be pooled and ensures perfect coordination of the players.
  • An area immersive - To experience the project from the inside, better plan its development and anticipate its constraints.
  • An area interactive touch - To analyze, discuss, go further on a project but also ensure the consistency of information.



In a few days (March 31) will take place the birth of SoBIM,
a regional club dedicated to BIM, could you tell us a little more about this club and its objectives?

A factor of innovation and transformation of the sector, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is identified as a breakthrough opportunity to improve efficiency, productivity and also the final quality of constructions. Aware of these challenges, the Technopôle DOMOLANDES is committed to promoting the digital transition of players in the sector by creating and making resources available to professionals.

In order to concretize and generalize its actions and to better support the digital transition of the building sector in Aquitaine, the Technopôle DOMOLANDES is launching, in partnership with the pole CREAhd, the first grouping of Aquitaine construction players around the theme of BIM: the SoBIM Club.

This initiative is intended to bring together a community of professionals eager to learn about and put into practice the digital model and the BIM approach. It is aimed at all players in the sector, both public and private: construction companies, architects, project managers, technical design offices, public or private project managers, industrialists, secondary and higher education establishments. , ...

The SoBIM club offers itself, through regular meetings, D 'informer professionals on existing tools and resources, share good practices and feedback. It will also make it possible to structure the global reflection of the actors by the organization and animation of working groups and workshops oriented "trades". Finally, it aims to support and structure the collective actions of stakeholders for skills development and training on new practices and tools.



A BIG thank you to David and Matthieu for accepting this interview, to the entire DOMOLANDES team as well.

Good luck to the candidates of the national competition and "good luck" for the launch of the SoBIM club!

(You have until March 30 to submit your application for the competition)


For more information I invite you to visit the following pages:


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