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HEXABIM the Podcast (Ep5) - The "i" of BIM: information, objects and standardization

Cover-article --- The-i-of-BIM-information-objects-and-standardization

In this new podcast offered by HEXABIM, we spoke with Remi Lannoy et Frederic Grand. It will be a question of standardization and in particular of the NF EN standard. ISO 23386, the integration of prescription data and information by the construction industry in the digital model, systems engineering, data dictionary for BIM objects.

In standardization work, at a time when we are talking about harmonization of content for BIM, what is France's place? What are the gaps and the advances? For what objectives?

Our guests :
  • Frederic Grand is Technical Director within buildingSMART France - Mediaconstruct and member of the standardization committee AFNOR PPBIM.
  • Remi Lannoy is Head of the “Digital Construction and BIM” department within the CERIB (Center for Study and Research of the Concrete Industry) with work axes related to the integration of digital in the organization and production processes of concrete manufacturers. He is also a member of the AFNOR PPBIM standardization commission.

Discover the career of Frédéric Grand and Rémi Lannoy (), two key figures in the world of broadcasting and research in terms of digital transition in the construction industry.

Good listening !

What do BIM and digital mock-ups represent for construction manufacturers, especially the concrete industry? (8'28)

Remi Lannoy : “The subject of BIM in industry is a“ separate ”subject. The construction industry, in general, do not intervene in the BIM process, however, through digital models, they have things to add to the information (the I of BIM). Indeed, through its products, there is a consolidation to be had at the level of information management... In this role, manufacturers have a role to play, from given and theinformation to bring us (..) "

What is your observation on the implementation of information from objects from these industries in the digital model? (12'50)

Remi Lannoy : “… Digital models are becoming real informational databases that are used in projects in a collaborative way. We can see today that this data is mainly developed by the users of the digital model, who, from almost nothing, will generate data through the development of uses of BIM.

What is missing today in digital models are the prescription data, which do not necessarily come from the users themselves, but from different environments, in particular industrial.

This missing prescription data makes the digital model poorly supplied in data that we can qualify as performance. (...) "

Frederic Grand : Today, within buildingSMART France, we promote the use of the ISO OpenBIM IFC standard and this standard is not intended to describe the business properties, products, systems and structures; because often these properties must be taken into account in relation to national regulations (...)

What are the works, beyond that of the Concrete Industry, which will begin soon to remedy these shortcomings? (21'28)

Frederic Grand : We are going to continue the standardization work that I just mentioned. In addition, the PPBIM standardization commission is working on a guide to the use of standard NF EN ISO 23386.

At the same time, there is also ongoing standardization work at European and international level.

All this demonstrates the place of France, which is very important in all this standardization work (...) ”

In this sense, can we say that the concrete industry is a pioneer in terms of research and development of a process that can be transposed to all industries? (26'47)

Frederic Grand : “The concrete industry participated in the development of a buildingSMART France guide dedicated to the development of objects for BIM; this is now in the hands of the general public, it seems to me important to move on to the experimentation phase of its implementation, to validate its relevance, to explore avenues for improvement or extension of the scope of this guide (...) "


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