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HEXABIM the Podcast (Ep1) - BIM and teaching with Lionel RAY


For our new Podcast formula on HEXABIM, we receive Lionel ray who is a teacher at ENSASE, trainer, pedagogical manager of the MS BIM Manager of Saint-Etienne and BIM influencer. With him, we will discuss the themes of education, training and the methodological approach. We will also see its application in the field. Finally, Lionel Ray will give us his vision on the future of BIM and the future of students in the labor market.

Below is the audio podcast to listen to as well as the text version!

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback on this new format and also to join us as a guest, contact us on podcast @

See you soon !
The HEXABIM team

 1 - Presentation of Lionel Ray:

I am Lionel Ray, teacher at the School of Architecture of Saint-Etienne (ENSASE) and trainer since 1995 (Ray Formation company). As a trainer, I started with AutoCad, before accompanying architectural firms and landscapers on daily infrastructure projects with Revit, digital models and BIM. It is a daily support that we offer to companies. At the same time, I have been teaching at ENSASE since 2009, I train students on digital tools (digital models and BIM).

2 - What is your methodological approach to teaching BIM?

For professionals, it is a training very geared towards tools and working methods. For the students, they are taught first of all the use of digital model modeling tools, then the objective is to make them discover new methods of collaborative work so that they learn to work together and with other actors. construction. This is an important point for us.

3 - How does your methodological approach translate into the field?

For the initial training, we work on the analysis of emblematic architectural projects, with in parallel the creation of digital models, in a team of 4 students, in a collaborative way, by integrating the construction systems put in place within the framework of these projects.

4 - What is your view on the future of BIM and the challenges that await students who will find themselves in the job market?

BIM will continue to develop in all areas of construction. The future of BIM will be built on these students, who will develop it thanks to technological advances, their communication habits, but also by taking into account the ecological impact of data storage. All these strengths mean that BIM will improve, evolve and become more precise. These students will be active players in the BIM of tomorrow.

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