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From study to completion with Aconex, the collaborative platform for project owners and BIM managers

Today we have the pleasure of discussing with Hakim FAGOUL, commercial director of Aconex France partner HEXABIM. This international solution to 6 million usersIn the world and who recently established in France (2016). In this interview, we will discover the Aconex collaborative platform, its origin, its functioning, its main functionalities, its potential in the different phases of projects as well as some of their projects in France.

Founded in 2000, Aconex is one of the oldest project-oriented platforms and solutions! Could you tell us about its evolution?

Of Australian origin, Aconex has, since its creation, focused on the international, in the service of construction and engineering. Very attentive to its customers, Aconex has been able to develop its offer according to the needs of its users, major market orientations, as well as the technological evolution of digital technology.

Aconex is positioned as a project management platform which allows the collaboration of all the people who contribute to a project and federates all the data of the project. From the feasibility study phase to the works phase, including calls for tenders, Aconex covers all the needs for storage, sharing, dissemination, approval of documents and all other information that is generated during the execution of a project.

What does Aconex offer as a solution around BIM and what are its particularities compared to the different platforms that exist today?

Aconex sees BIM as the entry point to the successful execution of a construction project. Therefore, using Aconex puts BIM at the heart of the project. During the studies phase, the management of the model in Aconex makes it possible to act on all the functional and technical decisions emanating from all the stakeholders. In the works phase, the good coordination of the BIM models is the first aspect to monitor to ensure that the schedule is respected.

To date, only Aconex ensures this consistency in the advancement of BIM models, execution plans and visa procedures.

Who can use your platform? BIM managers? Project owners?

BIM is accessible to everyone through the Aconex collaborative platform. Through a simple web browser, the Contracting Authority directly accesses the model in visualization and annotation. It can thus identify changes in scenarios, make requests for information or requests for formal modifications.

Le BIM Manager, like that design offices, thus have a real tool for monitoring and managing clashes, with precise visibility of what remains to be done for the model to be considered validated.

In work meeting (studies or site), Aconex is used during model reviews. The models are accessible in a fluid and fast way whatever their size. Detailed views of the model can be prepared in advance to be discussed in session. During these project reviews, corrective actions are recorded and distributed to everyone.

Stakeholders on the site also access, via their tablet, the BIM model and all the documentation associated with the objects.

All these BIM-related activities are time stamped and tracked in the Aconex platform. It generates management reports allowing precise monitoring of progress and the consideration of any comments.

What are the main uses for BIM managers, now the pilots of construction projects?

With Aconex, BIM managers become real pilots of their activities by relying on functions allowing them to precisely follow the progress of clashes and other remarks.

From Navisworks or other equivalent solutions, they create their clashes and Aconex allows them to control the resolution deadlines to be respected so that the model is finalized on time.

The BIM managers team finally formalizes the quality of the model through a procedure of visas of synthesis ".

This is how the BIM manager finds himself, thanks to Aconex, on the front line when it comes to respecting the schedule. If the quality of the model is validated on time, the execution plans and the visas will also respect the schedule.

You have adopted the concept of "CDE or common data environment" on your platform, could you tell us a little more?

The Aconex platform is indeed a Spanish Sporthorse since it brings together all the information throughout the life cycle of the project. Beyond the coordination of the studies described above, Aconex allows: 

  • de to prepare and transfer the BIM model for operation;
  • d'to integrate budgetary management of the project;
  • d'to access to the model in the field to identify inconsistencies and manage control points;
  • de supporter digitally all contractual procedures (contract management or Contract Management)
It's good in real Spanish Sporthorse that Aconex is positioned in support of projects, allowing its customers to gain in productivity and reduce their risks. International studies like the one by McKinsey * clearly show the importance of digital technology carried by CDEs in project management, with economic and time savings of 5 to 10% on the themes of collaboration, contract management, design, engineering and execution on site.


Do you have projects in France where Aconex is used?

Aconex has been present in France since April 2016 with the acquisition of Wapp6 of the European group Conject. Aconex has met immediate success in France and to date supports around a hundred projects in France such as the Pierre de Coubertin swimming pool in Clermont-Ferrand, the national cancer research center in Astana in Kazakhstan - two BIM projects -, or the very high speed network in Alsace, the company deployment at Auxitec, the SFR campus ...

Globally, Aconex is used by more than 70 companies, or more than 000 million users.

Aconex was recently bought by IT giant Oracle, will this impact the development of the platform?

The digitization of the construction market presents a very significant potential for development. It is only natural that these verticals are of interest to digital giants such as Oracle. This market consolidation will above all make it possible to respond more effectively to the many expectations of users who require ever greater functional coverage and a very strong development capacity.

What are your future areas of development around BIM?

Aconex is present in all international associations related to BIM. Anxious to respond as closely as possible to market developments, Aconex is focusing, in 2018, on advanced functions for the coordination of the BIM model and will release various plugins with design solutions, the first being Navisworks and Revit. Others will follow in the year.

BIM WORLD is coming in a few days, what have you planned for this major BIM event in France?

In preview at BIM WORLD, Anonex should present its bidirectional plugin with Navisworks which facilitates the management of clashes. BIM managers will also see the new clash management functions allowing them to meet project deadlines.

Project owners, MOEs and companies are invited to discover how Aconex fully integrates BIM into project management with model review functions, model version management in connection with plans, workflow process for model validation and plans, contract management in connection with changes to the model, and many other functional aspects to discover. (BIM WORLD booth 231)

One last word ?

"We have passed the experimentation phase of BIM projects which has lasted for 5 years and are now entering a new phase where BIM will really contribute to making project management more efficient and profitable, on condition of orchestrating all the existing solutions to respond to well-identified issues and to ensure user adoption ”.

Many thanks Hakim for for all this information.

We look forward to seeing you at BIM World!

Hakim Fagoul
Commercial Director of Aconex France
Has been working in the digital construction market for more than 13 years

+33 1 79 84 17 60 -


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