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Focus on the digital DCE and the Olympi demonstrator of Plan BIM 2022 with Anne Manier

Cover --- Focus-on-the-digital-DCE-and-the-Olympi-du-Plan-BIM-2022-demonstrator-with-Anne-Manier

We hear more and more about the digital DCE as part of the BIM 2022 Plan, a lot of communication about it. But what is it concretely?

Anne Manier is directly involved in setting up the Digital DCE at the national level. Trained as a building and civil engineer, since 2017 she has been the director of A2M Conseil serving construction professionals, in France and internationally.

Anne joined the work team allowing everyone to concretely take ownership of the digital DCE, through a demonstrator on a real pilot project in progress: it is the Olympi demonstrator, linked to the BIM 2022 plan.

Thanks to this demonstrator, it is possible to follow in real time a collective housing project with a call for tenders in BIM.

This approach by the example of an operation in progress, will be explained in detail in the interview by Anne Manier.

It was at the heart of the preparatory work for a relevant digital DCE meeting the expectations of MOAs, MOEs and companies responding to calls for tenders.

Feedback, video tutorials, webinars will be set up to allow all building stakeholders to master in use and follow all the stages of the digital DCE on the official page of the BIM 2022 plan.

At the end of this article you will find additional resources (official website, digital models to download, etc.)

Let's start with your Anne journey!

Trained as a mining engineer promotion 98, building and civil engineering option, I started as a works supervisor at EIFFAGE CONSTRUCTION for 2 years before leaving for the United States where I worked as a works engineer on construction sites. General Motors. Back in France, I worked at OTH Rhône Alpes (now EGIS) as Project Manager to coordinate the technical studies in the design phase of the Bocage Central hospital in Dijon. A new detour to the international, this time to be responsible for the technical studies office of a Mexican real estate developer.

I then held the position of Deputy Technical Director at ISORE BATIMENT in Mayenne, where I was at the same time Head of the Design Office, BIM referent of the company and Head of Purchasing.

I created A2M Conseil in 2017 to raise awareness, train and support stakeholders in the building industry and more particularly VSE-SME companies in their approach to BIM.

Where are we in the 2022 BIM Plan?

In 2019, the BIM 2022 Plan followed on from the Building Digital Transition Plan, the PTNB. The objective of the latter was to prepare for the deployment of digital technology throughout the building industry. The 2022 BIM Plan aims to generalize the use of digital technology in buildings by 2022 around 2 priority axes:

FOCUS AREA 1 : Generalize BIM ordering throughout the building by making practices more reliable and securing all stakeholders thanks to clear and balanced definitions of everyone's expectations and responsibilities.

FOCUS AREA 2 : Deploy BIM in the regions and for all, using the appropriate tools. Eight actions were distributed under these 2 axes, seven led by the ADN Construction association and an eighth by CSTB. These eight actions are described on the PLAN BIM 2022 website (

How does the Olympi Demonstrator fit into these actions?

The Olympi Demonstrator project is a transversal project of the BIM 2022 Plan, piloted by cDNA, supported by USH and PROCIVIS and supported in particular by UNSFA, CINOV, UNTEC, FFB and CAPEB.

It aims, on a current collective housing operation handled in separate lots with VSE-SME players, to process the phase " Call for'Offers in BIM »Milestone at the crossroads of the design phase and the realization phase which mobilizes the MOA, MOE and companies, and more particularly by:

  • Identification of needs and expectations companies with a "digital BIM target DCE",
  • La production in the design phase by the MOE of the "Digital BIM DCE" resulting from a coordinated collaborative BIM process,
  • L'exploitation of this by the VSE-SME companies for the realization of the price studies, and the online response to the call for tenders,
  • Analysis of offers, negotiation and dematerialized procurement.

Its objective is to demonstrate concretely by example, the relevance and efficiency of the digital and BIM approach during the Call for Tender phase for all Business, MOE and MOA players, and to identify the benefits and gains, but also the brakes, difficulties and points of vigilance, by focusing on implementing a pragmatic and reproducible approach.

The Owner of the Olympi construction operation is PIERRES & TERRITOIRES, a subsidiary of the PROCIVIS Eure-et-Loir Group. I take this opportunity to thank Fabio MASTROIANNI, Deputy Director of Subsidiaries and Real Estate Promotion, for his communicative energy, without whom this demonstrator would not have been possible. I would also like to thank Christian HERRERIA, PROTEA Conseil, Demonstrator Project Manager, for his enthusiasm and his ability to bring together energies around a common project.

How was this project approached? 

The approach adopted consisted of:

  • The interviews that I conducted with ten VSE-PME companies from the FFB and CAPEB to understand their modus operandi when responding to a call for tenders and their needs and expectations of a BIM Digital DCE ,
  • The drafting of specifications specifying the expectations of companies and listing the levels of detail and information expected from the objects modeled in the MNs of the target DCE for the use of the price study,
  • The realization of the 7 MN in the design phase in Open BIM: MN architecture by Yannick MOUTON (Archicad), MN structure by BET CERES Structures (Revit), MN Plomberie-CVC and MN Electricité by BE BASTIDE-BONDOUX (Plancal Nova), MN land by TT GEOMETRES EXPERTS (Revit), MN Terrassement and MN VRD by BE EN PERSPECTIVE (Covadis),
  • The use of Abvent's collaborative BIM Track platform for the coordination and management of the follow-up of issues related to the BIM presynthesis, the management of the platform was managed by Gabriel Castel d'Abvent.
  • The implementation by the Contracting Authority of the BIMoffice d'Abvent platform in order to allow companies to download the digital BIM DCE, to respond digitally to the call for tenders and to sign the contracts in a dematerialized way.

In parallel with the Olympi Demonstrator, I was commissioned by Action 5 (training tools) of the BIM 2022 Plan to set up a support system for companies responding to the Olympi call for tenders which consists of:

  • The realization of 6 tutorials explaining to companies how to use the digital BIM DCE optimally using a free BIM viewer. You can watch these tutorials on the Plan BIM 2022 YouTube channel,
  • The realization of a webinar on 18/12/2020 to present the device,
  • The implementation of online assistance open until the tender submission date of 12/03/2021, dedicated to supporting companies in their use of digital BIM DCE

Who is the digital DCE for?

As part of the Olympi Demonstrator, I interviewed 11 companies representing 12 lots of the FFB and the CAPEB and all mentioned the frequent and recurring lack of consistency of the Consultation files. This lack of coherence forces them to cross the various information contained in the DCE in search of the right information to quantify at the right price, hoping not to make errors of interpretation.

It is obvious that this research time per company multiplied by the number of companies responding to each batch of the operation is a loss of productivity for very small and medium-sized enterprises, but also creates a bottleneck which could partly explain why Contracting authorities and project managers struggle to collect enough responses on a call for tenders.

The inconsistencies of the DCE can also lead to site delays due to modifications or late decision-making during the works phase, they can also have a strong impact on the economy of the project if they are the source of requests for additional works.

Via Digital DCE BIM, we wanted to offer a first level of response to this problem:

  • By offering a DCE that we hope is reliable, viable, relevant and consistent,
  • By using the IM as a centralized database of the project linking works, CCTP and DPGF by the numbers of the batches and articles of the CCTP,
  • By giving companies the possibility with efficiency to take ownership of the project, to qualify and identify the works of their lot on the IM and to extract data and quantities from them.

This digital BIM DCE is obviously aimed at VSE-SME companies which are currently responding in a short circuit to the call for tenders for the Olympi construction project, ie 102 companies consulted.

This digital BIM DCE is also intended for the entire sector, Project Owner, Project Management, companies, publishers, trainers, schools ... so that they take up this subject and continue the work together so that digital and BIM positively impact all construction projects, starting with the realization of an optimal digital BIM DCE.

To carry out this mission, I worked as a team with Barbara JANVRIN de ENRJ53, Clement LABINTAN BIM referent of theESITC de Caen and his engineering students, Mathilde DE MATTEIS technical services manager at CAPEB Morbihan and Dominique POIROT, digital project manager at FFB Brittany.

You participated in the digital DCE project phase, can you tell us how it went? 

As I indicated previously, I participated in the upstream phase of the Olympi Demonstrator project which consisted of interviewing companies and drafting the specifications specifying the expectations of the companies and listing the levels of detail and information expected from the companies. objects modeled in the MNs of the target DCE for the price study use,

As well as the realization of the tutorials to optimally exploit the MN.

Then during the response phase to the call for tenders, I answered the questions undertaken through the online assistance set up, to unblock them or answer their questions.

The rest of my mission is to participate in the development of the Demonstrator's feedback by collecting from the companies that responded to the call for tenders their feelings on the gains, benefits and brakes related to the operation of a digital BIM DCE. .

How to find out about the Olympi Demonstrator project? What are the communication actions implemented around this project?

The 2022 BIM Plan site offers a page dedicated to the Olympi Demonstrator with the possibility of downloading the digital DCE and the associated feedback.

Note that the tutorials are now visible on the channel YouTube plan.

The first communication actions have started, with Press Releases, and webinars offered by Abvent on the design phase of the Olympi Demonstrator.

For my part, I was asked to carry out a webinar for AFPA Bâtiment France trainers, more particularly for the training tools part.

Communication and training actions will be multiple and will be spread throughout this year.


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