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BIM World Paris is back: the BIM activities and solutions to (re) discover this year

BIM WORLD gives you an appointment on June 23 and 24, HEXABIM partners will be present to meet you, answer your questions, present their solutions and give you the opportunity to attend demos and conferences, face-to-face and online! Find all the information in this article, including registration codes. Voice...

At the heart of the HEXABIM community: Focus on the members of the year

HEXABIM is honoring our most loyal contributors this month on the platform's discussion forum. Very active, their advice greatly helps members and readers, it is also thanks to them that the HEXABIM adventure continues its journey with its human dimension. We have drawn up a TOP 10 of the most active members during the previous year ...

BIM Inflencers 2020, who are they? Discover the profiles of the 43 winners!

BIM-Influencers-2020 --- 43-laurates
It is an honor for HEXABIM to have offered you this 3rd BIM Influencers edition. Thank you to all of you, candidates and the public, for renewing your confidence and playing the game! We are proud to have allowed you to have a good time and to have made the candidates known, you all have merit. Without further ado, let's f ...

BIM in 2020 - 2021: Feedback and Perspectives with BIM infuencers (6 special podcasts)

2020 --- 2021 - Feedback-and-Perspectives
A friendly moment was offered to you in the company of our BIM Influencers 2019 to take stock of the year that has just passed as well as the recommendations and objectives for 2021. The opportunity to discover (or rediscover) eclectic profiles all dedicated to BIM and its dissemination. Each speaker, from the point of view of his field of experience ...

Wishes, news and BIM innovations in 2021 (EXCLUDED by HEXABIM Partners)

Welcome to 2021! HEXABIM has concocted an anthology of BIM novelties from our partners. A year that starts off with a desire to satisfy you and help you go further in your projects! Allplan continues to develop its ecosystem and is preparing new packages for you to come for this year, even more efficiently ...

BIM Influencers 2020: exceptional extension of applications / votes (15/01/21)

BIM-Influencers-2020 --- exceptional-extension-of-candidatures --- votes
Faced with the influx of votes and applications for the BIM Influencers 2020 competition, HEXABIM has decided, to give everyone the chance, to exceptionally extend the submission of applications and the public vote until January 15, 2021. To date, you are more than 110 candidates, more than 3 votes and 500 views ...

BIM Influencers 2020: the event for BIM players and enthusiasts back

Hello, the BIM community! The BIM Influencers event is back for a 2020 edition with lots of new features. By organizing this competition, HEXABIM wishes to support and promote students, professionals, companies and project owners with initiatives and / or who advance BIM in the construction sector. ...

News, announcements and activities to follow for the start of the 2020 school year

News-announcements-and-activities - follow-up-to-this-2020
To support you in this recovery and allow you to organize yourself with strategy and efficiency, HEXABIM has concocted this back-to-school program which compiles the formulas offered by key players in BIM. Find the identities that accompany you on a daily basis in the management of your projects, your rise in skills and ...

Project owners and digitalization of heritage, interview with Christophe Lheureux at Immobilière 3F

Deputy Director for Innovation and Intelligent Building, BIM Influencer 2019, Christophe Lheureux took part in the interview game for HEXABIM. You will discover his career, his ambitious project to digitize the built heritage within Real Estate 3F, as well as his vision of BIM for the coming years, as a manager and ...

"The BIM of tomorrow means creating data and making it evolve" with Annalisa De Maestri - Interview

Annalisa de Maestri, you are our first guest in this series of HEXABIM interviews-portraits highlighting the men and women who participate in the spread of BIM on a daily basis. You are the director of VPBIM, specialized in data management, BIM and digital. Tell us about your background! In my initial journey, a ...

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