BIM has proven itself! See for yourself :

The Alto Tower

It is living proof that the use of BIM is innovative. The shape of this tower is extraordinary because its surface increases from floor to floor, which means that the surface of the top floor is three times that of the ground floor. But again, the tower is made up of a double-skin facade, the panes of which have their respective dimensions. How did we achieve such a feat? The design was conceived with the "parametric design", and the construction was carried out using digital models. And that's not all ! These models will still be used in the future for the technical management and maintenance of the building. Unbelievable !

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The ABC EcoCité Grenoble demonstrator

This building stands out from the others by its autonomous concept in water, energy and waste management. It was BIM that turned these ambitions into reality. BIM has made it possible to carry out environmental simulations and to develop models for construction. BIM has also enabled very good collaboration between all the players and a considerable saving of time. Yet another building that made “BIM”!

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Success of the BIMobject portal

Tens of millions of views and downloads have been counted on the site. Actors and business users are very interested in the countless digital replicas hosted by the site. Which seems quite normal since these replicas can, via the right software, be easily integrated into the models, then visualized in different forms.

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The CINOV Federation continues to promote BIM. This time, she is launching the REX BIM Tour, the first day of which will take place in Nancy on December 4. The actors of the project will be specially invited to share their experiences relating to BIM. Thus, exchanges will take place and this will naturally generate constructive approaches. 

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A new comprehensive guide to using Autodesk Revit is available

Engineers, technicians and designers will now be able to derive maximum benefit from this BIM software. The manual is a true "bible" for software, and it is the "most comprehensive guide on the market", it seems. With its various illustrations, tips and tricks, it allows designers to familiarize themselves with all the key features of the latest version of the software and allows them to simulate their learning using case studies and exercises. The book also supports them at each stage of their projects and decision-making, while allowing them to save time and improve efficiency.

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BIM's day not to be missed

Actors in the construction industry, be there. On December 13, at BIM's day, you will discover all about BIM, a new look at multi-scale BIM aimed at multi-sector interoperability. “Better communication is better building”, so don't miss BIM's day.

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