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BIM, laser scanning and point clouds: 2 feedbacks to discover with the Cintoo platform

BIM-scan-laser-and-point-clouds - 2-feedback-to-discover-with-the-Cintoo-platform

Today we are pleased to present the French startup Cintoo with two feedbacks and use cases! Already more than 14 scans uploaded to the platform by customers from all over the world, the startup created in 000 continues to develop on the international digital construction market in particular!

Cintoo develops technologies and solutions to manage and exploit 3D data coming from the digitalization of the real world (Reality Data) in the cloud. Cintoo's innovation lies in several algorithms applied to Réaliy Data which constitute a huge advance for the 3D community and which make it possible to offer a unique solution to the AEC and Infrastructure markets.

REX N ° 1: the digitization of the archaeological sites of Volterra

The town of Volterra, located in Tuscany, Italy, is one of the oldest uninhabited towns in the world, it offers intact Roman and Iron Age architectural sites dating back to the 4th century BC!

The Volterra-Detroit Foundation works in Volterra, Italy with experts specializing in 3D Reality Capture, aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry who digitize archaeological sites and artefacts in the city. The objective is to digitize the sites of Volterra using 3D tools and methodology. By "digitally" preserving these resources, this will improve archaeological and architectural research. The project involves huge research efforts bringing together actors with cutting edge technologies such as Cintoo which is used to store 3D files.

The Cintoo Cloud platform makes it possible to manage the gigantic point clouds produced by terrestrial laser scanners at Volterra sites with sa unique technology for transforming point clouds into surfaces. It is a solution to transform high precision laser scans on the surface before uploading them quickly to the Cloud. Reality Data Cintoo reduces the size of point cloud files from 20 to 30 fois their initial sizes, without altering their precision or simplifying them. The other unique advantage of Cintoo Cloud is be able to find the original format from surfaces so that it can be used directly in CAD software with the same precision as the original point cloud file.

With Cintoo Cloud, data from Volterra's laser scanners becomes shareable, collaborative and can be distributed to team members. Each participant can access the project in 3D from any location from his laptop and take measurements, make annotations, share them and notify them.

Stakeholders can share access by inviting new people to join the project or by sending a URL link (with password and expiration date). Upon receipt of this invitation, guests will be able to view Reality Data in 3D mode and make their own measurements and annotations.

And finally, thanks to the comparison tool "Cintoo Cloud's scan to BIM", the data from the Volterra laser scanners are also used to create a detailed BIM model from the architectural plans. Cintoo allows you to download the BIM models, in order to compare the scans with the BIM model of the structure. The comparison of the BIM model and the real conditions of the construction allows to give a écHeyancier à building condition day. By superimposing the original BIM model and the current state of the construction, the differences will be analyzed. This will allow the extent of the damage to be assessed and may help during the restoration or allow the deteriorated structures to be reconstructed to the same as their original state.

In order to get an idea of ​​how it works, here are some examples of the different Volterra sites digitized and stored on CINTOO Cloud:

REX N ° 2: engineering and measurement in 3D!

BBA is a Canadian company specializing in engineering in the energy, mining, metals, oil, gas and biofuel sectors. The company has become an expert in taking 3D measurements. She regularly works on largees laser survey projects for power plants, control buildings and factories.

The firm uses the Cintoo Cloud solution so that BBA scan data becomes shareable, collaborative and distributable between employees, subcontractors or customers. They can access 3D projects from anywhere, from their computer.

Scan vs BIM model!

It is one of the most innovative Cintoo modules: the “Scan vs BIM model” comparison tool. From a Revit or IFC model (from BIM 360 Docs or from your computer) imported into Cintoo, the digital model will be superimposed on the mesh model (scan data). The differences between the scan data and the BIM model can thus be visually detected very clearly thanks to the unparalleled visualization technology of Cintoo Cloud.

If an error is detected, an annotation will be created in BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) and the global context saved: point of view (perspective), points, tolerance colorization, and all data relating to the detected error. The BCF report can then be imported into Revit, Navisworks or a site monitoring platform, then be managed by the teams concerned.

Any question ?
Meet at BIM World to find out more about Cintoo (Stand G28)!

More info on the official website :


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