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The BIMelec solution, proposed by ALPI, consists of a suite of communicating software, which uses and enriches the digital electrical model: from its generic modeling to the detailed description of all the components and manufacturer products that constitute it.
Through the Caneco software range, the BIMelec solution responds automatically to the various specialties of an electrical installation: installation and routing of cables, calculation and sizing of equipment, design of electrical cabinets, costing and the schematic. It also includes all the associated support services.

The BIMelec solution is aimed at all those involved in an electrical installation: project owner, prime contractor, engineering, installer, panel builder, control body and operation and maintenance service. It promotes the sharing of information and collaborative work between all these actors.

It is based on the following software tools:
<br>• Caneco BT, software for the automated design of low voltage electrical installations.
<br>• Caneco BIM, design and control tool for an electrical digital mockup using Revit®.
<br>• Caneco Implantation, Autocad® application which allows the installation of electrical equipment in 2D or 3D and the automated routing of cables.
<br>• Office Elec, software for quoting and costing the technical batches of a work.

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