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Tekla Structures - Concrete (Modeling)

Goal :

Allow the user to create a 3D computer model of any type of concrete structure.


  • The creation of a new model.
  • Opening a model.
  • The creation of a mesh and radial mesh.
  • The description of the main icons + the point creation icons.
  • Access to "Tekla User Assistance" and "Tekla Warehouse".
  • Insertion of a reference model.
  • The description of the view properties menu: 
    • Create basic views.
    • Create a view manually from a mesh line or any other element of the model.
    • Create views automatically following the grid lines.
    • Use of the work plan tool.
    • Use of view creation macros.
  • The work area.
  • Description of the clashes: 
    • Digital hanging.
    • The orthogonal snap, along a line, on one end, ...
    • Snapping to a curved element.
  • The work plan and the positioning tools.
  • The creation of concrete elements: 
    • Generalities, on the positioning of the elements and their relation to the model.
    • The sole.
    • The running sole.
    • Beam.
    • The arched beam.
    • The "polypoutre".
    • The slab.
    • The panel.
  • The possible copy and move functions: 
    • Basic copies
    • Copy from another model
    • Polar copy
    • Network copy
  • The different types of machining and / or shaping: 
    • The cup.
    • Adaptation.
    • Polygonal cutout.
    • Cutting by element.
  • Split it up.
  • Combine it.
  • Fusion.
  • Solid mistakes.
  • Concrete assemblies: 
    • Generalities.
    • The methodology for creating concrete assemblies.
    • Sub-assemblies (By creating inserts).
    • The establishment of resumption of concreting plans (If necessary)
  • The creation of inserts.
  • The creation of reinforcement elements: 
    • Generalities, on the positioning of the elements and their relation to the model.
    • Circular reinforcement.
    • The forms of reinforcement strands.
    • Curved reinforcement.
    • The trellises.
    • Associate reinforcement with a concrete element.
    • Dynamic modification of reinforcement.
    • The rebar shape catalog.
    • The strands.
    • Couplers (If necessary)
  • Generalities on surface treatment and the "Surface" tool.
  • The different types of information: 
    • The object information.
    • Assembly information.
    • Model size information.
    • Dynamic information.
    • Taking distance on the model.
  • Introduction to system components: 
    • Generalities.
    • The methodology for using system components.
  • Use of the different "Macro" type tools in the model.
  • Initiation to the use of the phase manager.
  • Catalogs and their configuration: 
    • The catalog of fixed profiles.
    • The catalog of materials.
    • The catalog of form and Articles.
  • Configuration of the "FIRM" and the "Role" (Company configuration file)
  • The summary description of the files contained in the directory of the case.
  • The creation of a prototype business.
  • Categorization with the organizer (Floors, zones, etc.)
  • The filters in the display and the different modes of representation of the objects.
  • Selection filters and the different selection modes.
  • Initiation to the creation of general plans according to preconfigured standards.


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