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Concrete training - Outings

Trimble helps all new Tekla Structures users get started with the software and keep improving their knowledge. Trimble Solutions France therefore offers several training courses of different levels, for beginners or advanced Tekla Structures users.
These training sessions can take place directly on your premises or at Trimble. A well-structured training course allows you to get off to a good start with Tekla Structures and then optimize its use for maximum benefit. Our training courses are provided by professionals who will teach you how to optimize Tekla Structures software.

Trimble Solutions France reserves the right to cancel training if the number of participants is less than three. In this case, or if the maximum number of participants (8) has already been reached, we will suggest other dates. To book, contact us by email at the following address or by phone at 05 63 48 11 60

  • The intended audience :
All types of public having had experience (professional or school) in the field of concrete construction.

  • Prerequisites :
Briefly master the computer tools and the business language of concrete construction.

  • The objective of the training:
Allow the user to create a 3D computer model of any type of concrete structure


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