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BIM Synthesis Navisworks and equivalent tools (BIMCollab, Tekla)




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Software: Navisworks, BIMcollab, Tekla, bimsight
Duration: 35 hours (2,5 + 2 + 0,5 days)
Business hours: 9 a.m. - 00 p.m. (17 hour break for lunch)
City, Country: Paris 10 ° stop
Time to access training:3 to 5 weeks depending on funding
Entry level: Lvl. 5 (bac + 2)
Public: Architects, site pilots, project managers, project managers, project assistants, designers, summary manager, interior architects, construction engineers, architecture students.
Goal : Competence block: code 3 - Extension of knowledge and know-how.
Use the collaborative production synthesis and control tools of the BIM model with the NAVISWORKS software or the equivalent BIMcollabZoom or Teckla tools; to build BIM coordination with conflict management (3D clash), time and phase management (4D) cost management (5D) and assume the technical functions of “BIM Synthesis Coordinator”.
Use the NAVISWORKS tool to optimize the design and studies between several technical batches
Targeted professional abilities or skills: Know how to structure the coordination workflow of multidisciplinary models, ensure the presynthesis and / or the BIM synthesis on projects.
Prerequisites: Be part of the public.
For the distance: 
- have a workstation equipped with at least 4 GB of Ram, a webcam and a microphone.
- have followed our free introductory webinars to distance learning.
Teaching methods: Computer lab: group limited to 10 trainees.
- Face-to-face or synchronous distance training (optional).
- Alternation between presentation of concepts by the trainer and application by the learners in the form of concrete exercises, proposed and supervised.
Profile of trainers: The trainer is an architect and / or engineer and masters the NAVISWORKS, BIMcollab and teklabimsight tools that he uses in a production environment.
Acquired at the end of the internship: Acquire professional autonomy in the audit of models, their aggregations and multidisciplinary coordination, Implementation of the pre-synthesis or BIM synthesis process
Conditions for success: Throughout the training, it will be necessary to be fully present and attentive to the concepts presented and to put them into practice by carrying out the exercises proposed in a participatory manner. Afterwards, and for a minimum period of 2 months, it will be necessary to apply what has been learned, ideally in a professional setting. Otherwise, in any other framework or that of our "self-service" offered free of charge according to our access conditions.
Assessment of prior learning: Knowledge check at the end of the 1h45 module included in the duration composed of multiple choice questions and practical exercise. Validation is obtained from 20/30 points obtained.
ACU Certification (Autodesk Certified User) Test of 30 questions over 50 minutes; 700 points out of 1000 to pass.

[Date - 1 - 7 hours] Navisworks: synthesis and coordination
                  - Control and pre-synthesis methodology
                  - Understanding of use cases and functionalities
                  - Challenges 
Navisworks: Interface and functionalities
                  - Interface and navigation in the models
· Ribbon
Basic order
                  - Open files
NWC, NWF, NWD format
Assemblies of the models
                  - Selection of objects
Selection methods
Visibility management
                  - Build cutting plans
Management of object information
Properties palette 
                  - Annotation tools
· Measures

 [Date - 2 - 7 hours] The BIM project review
                  - Principle of organization of 3D reviews
                  - Aggregation of Models
Revision and update of models
Themes of project review
· Logbook
BIMcollab zoom: interface and functionalities
                  - interface
                  - Navigation
                  - Tree structure and structuring of models
                  - Property views 
                  - Annotations
                  - Selection management
Creation of intelligent views
Creation of BCFs
Import / export of problems

[Date - 3 - 4 hours] Management of "clashes" (3D)
                  - Audit and analysis of occasional conflicts and dynamic conflicts
                  - The Clash Detective tool
                  - Build a conflict analysis
                  - Visualize conflicts and create conflict groups
                  - Export the conflict report
                  - Clash test reports
                  - Work with clash tests
                  - Export and import tests
                  - Personalized tests

[Date - 4 - 7 hours]  Management of "clashes" (3D) (continued)

                  - Use of BCFs and management of notices
Use of BCF files for exchanges between the BIM coordination
The exchange chain
· Track changes
Tekla Bimsight: interface and features
                  - View manager
                  - Tree structure
                  - Assembly
                  - Save a view
                  - Management of annotations
                  - Collision management
Addition of new rules
Navisworks: the 4D (time)
                  - 4D task management tools 
Methodology of tasks (WBS, PERT, etc.)  
Understanding of use cases
                  - Creation of tasks  
The types of tasks 
The Tasks and Planning links

[Date - 5 - 7 hours] Navisworks: the 4D (time) (continued)
            - 4D simulation
Creation of research sets 
Link research games to objects  
Associate objects with tasks 
Start the simulator 
Export to AVI formats
Navisworks: the 5D (costs)
            - Methodology  
            - Understanding of use cases and functionalities 
            - Quantification workbook
            - Element catalog
            - Resource catalog
Knowledge check
            - MCQ
            - Practice exercise

[Date - 6 - 3 hours]  Training session to pass the ACU certification (remote)

[Date - 7]
  Passing the ACU certification


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