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AUTOCAD BIM EXCHANGES (AUTOCAD verticals, Architecture, Civil, MEP)




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Material: PC compatible  Duration: 17.5 hours (2.5 days)  Minimum entry level of the trainee:  Level 6 (bac + 3 or +4)
Time to access training: generally 3 to 5 weeks depending on funding (sessions every 12 weeks).
Public:Architects, interior designers, construction engineers, building designers, surveyors.
Goal : code 3 - Extension of knowledge and know-how.
Use the AUTOCAD ARCHITECTURE © software to exchange files produced with BIM tools and in particular REVIT; to assume the functions of "BIM Designer". 
Acquire professional autonomy in the use of functions related to: exchanges, importation, integration of models, project and data management, printing.
Prerequisites : Know the field of BIM, and have followed the AUTOCAD PRODUCTION module or have the required knowledge; and be able to take tests written in English.
Teaching methods:
Group limited to 10 trainees (each trainee has a position); face-to-face training; alternation between presentation of concepts by the trainer and application by the learners in the form of concrete exercises, proposed and supervised.
Profile of trainers:
The trainer is an architect or interior designer and masters the AUTOCAD ARCHITECTURE tool that he uses in a production environment.
Conditions for success : Throughout the training, it will be necessary to be fully present and attentive to the concepts presented and to put into practice by carrying out the exercises proposed in a participatory manner. Afterwards, and for a minimum period of 2 months, it will be necessary to apply what has been learned; in a professional setting would be ideal; or in any other context and in particular in that of our "self-service" offered free of charge according to our access conditions.
Description of the course:

Exchanges in the BIM context
BIM maturity levels
The different actors
BIM tools
Drafting of the BIM convention and specific points of attention in relation to AUTOCAD in 2D plan and / or to AUTOCAD Architecture objects (business verticals: architecture, civil, MEP)
Preparation of AUTOCAD base plans to import into a BIM model
Orientation, geographic referencing, SCG
Cleaning and simplification of drawings
Integration of 2D exports from digital models
Opening, insertion and Xreference
Management of export formats and qualities
Analysis of exports, structuring of objects
Integration of digital models
Import of IFC / NWD
Compilation and updating of models
Management of views, sections, and 3D navigation
Project management and data
Classifications of objects
Codification of elements
Print management
Creation of sheet and title block
Publishing and printing

Assessment of prior learning:Knowledge check at the end of the 45-minute module included in the duration. Validation is obtained from 20/30 points obtained.
Registration for TOSA Autocad Certification at the end of the module.

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