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A guide to finally collaborating well around BIM objects

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A guide to finally collaborating well around BIM objects
BuildingSMART France (Mediaconstruct) edited in June 2020 ''How to" guide to help the creators ofBIM objects (manufacturers, but also BIM referents and object library managers) as well as their users (designers, business engineers, but also BIM Managers, coordinators) to collaborate around the design of the object. On this occasion, BIM & CO looks back on the genesis of the work with the various stakeholders of the project, brought together within the "Product Room »French.

Exchange model data between different professions still remains a real challenge today. This guide aims to allow everyone to approach construction taking into account each profession and for example by creating gateways between the software of these different businesses.

It is not uncommon to hear the need for a single standard with a single dictionary of data: in theory, standards allow quality to be ensured through a rigorous process of publication and validation of content. But who are the experts and how do you know the relevance of the information put in an object? To each his own opinion, and without a common objective there will be no single dictionary allowing this bridge from one profession to another.

So that methodological elements for the development of BIM objects have no more secrets for you, download the guide "models of digital objects" free.

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