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Project review: facilitators and tools

Project review: facilitators and tools

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? Are you in perfect harmony between the achievements and the requirements of your project?
Indeed, the project review of your construction project is a decisive step in decision-making.
And involving very diverse business visions, the project review poses major collaborative challenges: to put collective intelligence into action, stakeholders must be able to rely on unified technical information.
  But what difficulties and what issues arise during the project review?
  ? The project review covers the issues of project management, respect for costs, deadlines and quality.
   ? The strategic approach comes up against operational and field reality.
   ? Number of procedures and extensive risk control.
   ? Tools still compartmentalized.
   ? A collaboration that is not always effective.
  In order to respond to these issues, how can we best meet the needs of those involved in the project review?
   ✔️ Data aggregation and visible to all.
   ✔️ The BIM, essential tool.
   ✔️  The Common Data Environment (EDC), ally of a construction project.
   ✔️ A dual approach with a solution Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
   ✔️ Quickly initiate corrective actions in the event of deficiencies or errors.

   ✔️ And other areas for improvement allowing you to excel in your project reviews ...
We answer these questions in our article: How to respond to the challenges of project review in large construction projects?

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