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Madel, Spanish manufacturer of air conditioning components, releases new BIM products

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Madel, Spanish manufacturer of air conditioning components, releases new BIM products
Madel, expert in HVAC solutions, continues to rely on the platform BIM & CO in order to expand its range of BIM objects to design your diffusion, regulation, air filtration and fire protection systems.

For more than 50 years, the company Madel specializes in the design and production of elements for the distribution, regulation and control of air in air conditioning systems. 
After 5 years of launch and confirmation of user interest in its BIM objects, Madel publishes on the platform BIM & CO its new product ranges, available here. The initial objective of 2014 by entering the platform BIM & CO, was from meet the needs of design and architectural offices on catalogs in BIM format, this is the reason why Madel has decided to take the plunge and offer its products on the platform. As in the initial phase, in these new families, the information contained in the objects remained a priority, and not only the geometry itself.

With this new publication of objects, Madel integrates the latest innovations into its catalogs in BIM & CO, a real advantage for the HVAC expert. Thus, its new products equipped with the latest air diffusion technologies are available to its specifiers.

For this new step, Madel thus collaborated directly with the technical team of BIM & CO to update families and organize maker page content in the most efficient way possible.

Roger Guitart, technical sales director, testifies: "Today the most important thing for us is the agility when updating new families, when we finish the design of a new product, it is important that we can quickly update the information in the platform. This is why we have set up a collaboration system to make this task as efficient as possible " .
In this catalog update Madel, 12 new items have been added between catalogs Regulation, Filtration and Diffusion. In total, more than 1400 new references products were added, which allowed Madel to expand its range of products.
Among the new products released are diffusion elements with filtration, which are needed in recent times due to the global health situation.

According to Miguel Muñoz, Project & Technical Manager at BIM & CO, the long collaboration between the two companies is what allowed the smooth running of the project: “Roger and Jordi both know the platform in depth, which makes it much easier to integrate and update existing products."

Product catalogs Madel, modeled in Revit format, are available at this address .

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