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  • 65 BIM Objects (Modular Pipelines for Transair Industrial Fluids) downloadable on the BIM & CO platform

65 BIM Objects (Modular Pipelines for Transair Industrial Fluids) downloadable on the BIM & CO platform

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First in the field of aluminum and stainless steel network design for the transport of industrial fluids: a simple, flexible and practical BIM solution.

Specialized in modular piping solutions for industrial fluids, Transair® is the business of Parker Low Pressure Connectors Europe (formerly Legris).

Since 100 years, the company has conquered customers in a wide range of industrial markets such as metallurgy, electronics, pharmaceuticals and aerospace. The Transair® range (whose production is exclusively provided by four sites based in Brittany, in the Rennes region) provides a global solution for the transport of compressed air or industrial fluids, from the point of production to the point of use.

"Our products are positioned in high-end segments that are technically innovative, sustainable and energy efficient. If our offer is based on the combination of these qualities that we guarantee to our products, it also tends to stand out by the service offered to our customers. It is this desire to offer more turnkey solutions that has led us to invest in BIM. To date, we are the only ones in our markets to offer a library of products in REVIT format. From the design of our networks to their installation, we are committed to making life easier for the various players in our sector of activity and offering them real added value " explains Nicolas MAUPILLE, Manager of the development of the activity France Transair.

To create BIM objects with proven quality, Parker Transair® has relied on BIM & CO technology, but also on its know-how. BIM & CO offers manufacturers a private space in which a first prototype object is submitted to business experts, allowing fluid research departments to test it and exchange through a discussion area. Following these returns, a second version is presented and so on until unanimity. An iterative approach that allowed step by step to create prototype objects with high added value.

After having validated this test phase to ensure that the specifications of the BIM objects effectively met the needs of its prescribers, Transair® chose to entrust BIM & CO with the modeling, management and sharing of its BIM product offering. " This partnership crowns a close collaboration and a real co-construction coordinated by BIM & CO with a lot of listening and well-being, with the constant aim of satisfying the needs of our users. "Says Nicolas MAUPILLE.

Transair® products are available in REVIT format. To ensure the BIM use of engineers working with these products, BIM models include rich technical data and multiple levels of detail (LOD 200 and 400). A template for the range is also available and simplifies the network design process with Transair® products. This reduces design time and construction costs by improving the coordination of all project management stakeholders.

"BIM & CO's policy is to provide manufacturers with easy access to BIM through a platform for managing and sharing BIM objects, and our personalized support. We offer a set of tools that allow manufacturers to structure and distribute their product data as objects BIM. Their objects are thus adapted to all stages of the process, from design to maintenance and construction. Our goal is to support our customers towards autonomy in the handling of our tools. It is this autonomy, and with it the assurance of maintaining control of its BIM data, which has convinced Transair®, with whom we are proud to collaborate » says Baptiste MULLIE, Managing Director of BIM & CO.

The BIM objects of the Transair® brand are available under the link:


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